Week 72 2/16/2015


okay well to start off earlier in the week we had an mission activity where we got to watch the movie meet the Mormons! wow i loved it so much i want to buy it and watch it over and over again! i love how they capture what it really is like as a MORMON! i am proud to be Mormon! 🙂
then the rest of the week was just fantastic from there. on saturday we went to the temple with bekki we walked around taught about eternal marriage 🙂 and had lucn there it was such a great day and she loved it! we got some photos i will send them. then after the temple we went straight to the baptism in preston! SARAH GOT BAPTIZED! she was glowing! i remember when sister amichia and i dated her for baptism we walked out of her house and just felt like we were floating on cloud nine and then to actually see there and be a part of her baptism! wow i feel so blessed! and bekki loved that as well! president ulrich and sister ulrich were at the baptism and came and talked and got to know bekki. the following day so this is sunday now, president and sister ulrich came and spoke in our ward, they are so powerful and so motivated for missionary work i love them so much and am so glad they are our mission president and wife! bekki came to church with her mom! yaaa her mom came too! we were all in the same sunday school class us bekki her mom and pres. and sister ulrich they know about her struggle with smoking and president being a super powerful and faithful man wanted to give her a blessing, so we went in to a room and he gave her one! the atmosphere of that room changed so much, he pretty much rebuked her addiction, after the blessing she got up and everyone gave her a hug and she literally was out of breath, she was speechless! she was crying we were crying it was such a powerful experience one i will NEVER forget my whole life!
we got a text later form her that night that said “i am still taken away at the blessing president ulrich gave me i have full confidence in myself now and i know i can stop smoking!”
we are going to have her baptism on the 28th of feb! 🙂
i feel so privileged to be teahing bekki she is so prepared and so ready! i wouldnt be surprised if she served a mission as well. this girl is a special one!
this valentines weekend was by far the best one i have ever had! i love being a missionary and i love being mormon!! its so easy to go the way of the world but i know that if i/we hold on to the light and the truth that comes form the teachings of christ there is nothing and i mean NOTHING that will bring us more happiness in life!
dad told me about friends that have decided to leave the church and all i have to say is dont do it! lets hold on to our testimonies and know that satan is so real and will attack even the most elite members of the church! because of peoples decision to leave the church that effects them not only for this life but for eternity!
my testimony and gratitude of being a member of the church has grown so much!
if you are unsure yourself or have questions pray about it! its worth it
i love you all so much and miss you!!!

Week 71 2/9/2015

so this week has been a bit eventful… this will be a week i will surely never forget!

P1050972okay so start off we have been teaching bekki she is great trying to help her stop smoking! we are still laughing loads and learning together! she was able to have an activity made just for her at brother moss’s home he is the ward mission leader it was great we had members there some ysa from another ward and we all watched joseph smith prophet of the restoration. she loved it and had a great time! we have scheduled this coming Saturday to go to the temple and also to go to the baptism in preston. remember sarah the single mom in my last area we taught! ya she is getting baptized on valentines day it the perfect way to spend my valentines day! 🙂
on wednesday we had our zone meeting that was great it was focused on gaining confidence in finding something i need right now! the zone leaders talked about how we need to be bold and then gave us a little rock that says be a little boulder! clever very clever!
so for the real event on friday night we went to a member home for tea! as was well we had a great dinner we had coordination at our ward mission leaders home after dinner so we asked the member we had dinner with if she could take us there, with no hesitation she was like yes, we teach our lesson get our stuff together and head off. it was quite dark we went the back way so little roads in enlgand dark at night. i am sP1060010ure you can see where this is going, we got in a car crash that night. it was one of the scariest things that has happened to me on my mission. she pulled out  on a main road in front of another car it wacked us pretty good! it hit the back right side of the car exactly where i wasnt. i was sitting in the back left :(. it knocked the wind out of me which was a frighting trying to catch my breath back after realizing what had just happened and with the car filled with a nasty smell! i saw the car she pulled out in front of which made it even worse because i knew the second she started pulling out that we were going to get hit! and just had to wait for the impact. i wasnt quite sure what to expect! well it hurt! sister lunden was fine just sore where the seat belt locked on her and the member broke her breast bone. the other car was probably going 30 -40 miles an hour i think if she was going the speed limit! she was fine.
the driver of the other car came running over and helped us out! of course my door was on child lock! my ribs and back on my right side where the impact came from was pretty sore and is still kinda sore, only a bruise so no need to worry!
after thinking about it and processing what had happened all i can say is that i feel so blessed it could have been so much worse i could have been sitting on the right siP1060029de, heavenly father is certainly protecting me,i called our ward mission leader he came to our rescue after being examined and released he took us home! that next morning we went to the hospital to be checked over. we were fine and we knew we were but a member insisted to just go and get checked out! the ward was so helpful and has been such a crutch to lean on! they really do take great care of us here! we have rested and are doing great! we are going to have a great week!
it has opened my eyes a lot to the protection we have as missionaries i am so grateful for heavenly father and the prompting we receive form the holy ghost! i love you all so much and miss you!
have a great week!   P1060043 P1060014 P1060039

Week 70 2/2/2015

hello everyone!

its FEBRUARY!!!!!!! the coldest darkest  part of winter is hopefully over we will still have some cold days okay probably a lot but nothing like january!
its snowed over here this week.. yea that was loads of fun walking and skidding around in the snow our buses stopped running for a bit too. i remember hearing that when it snows in england everything just stops. since i havent had any snow on my mission until now i didnt know what people were talking about….. now i do. 🙂 it was really pretty though everything frosted with white, seeing all the green with a white cover over all of it! it was beautiful, it seriously surprises me still how green it is over here during the winter time!
bekki our investigator is doing so well she came to church to ALL THREE HOURS!! she had a great time i really dont think of her as an investigator she is one of my greatest friends i have made over here! she is hilarious and laughs all the time so if you can imagine, her laughing easily+  than me laughing easily = a lot of laughter going on! so much that our backs start hurting! okay so here are some of our funny moments together! first bekki is a super cute stylish 19 year old blonde hair beautiful girl not your average investigator 🙂 she has a personality a lot like tegans 🙂 great able to laugh at herself and makes a couple blonde statements every so often 🙂 (love ya te)
okay so we are reading from the book of mormon with her its her turn to read she comes across                                                                               thou-   sands it looks literally just like that where there is a break in the word she pronounces it like she is reading the words thou and sands haha she pauses for a split second after reading it then mumbles something than sayss oohhhhh thousands, we both just burst out laughing
that same night we were talking about s’mores right before we were leaving and she got all excited because she wanted to make some said she couldn’t find any “graham crapper” hahaha (she has braces which makes speaking difficult sometimes… i guess…)
i love teaching her she really is so prepared she has accepted all the lessons tithing chastity you name it she accepts it!
she is working on smoking right now so if any prayer are for her to help her quit smoking would be the most appreciated 🙂
we have some great appointments this week and a zone meeting on wednesday which i am excited about!
the ward here is taking care of us so well yesterday for fast sunday i was so impressed everyone was fighting to get up and bare there testimony, instead of those long (what i feel like awkward pauses) where no one gets up!
it was great to see i love the ward here
we are going to have a relaxing p-day going to go look for some shoes for sister lunden then probably go home and relax and eat 🙂
i love and miss you all and hope you have a great week!
stay sacred 🙂

Week 69 1/26/2015

well this week was pretty great just like the other ones! we had powerful lessons with our investigator bekki! we met great people finding! had loads of learning! this weeks learning was centered around patience! last night we were out we went to call by a less active they werent in then we went to call by a potential investigator and her husband said she just left so here we are with some time on our hands, (i dont want you all to read this and think awe poor them or feel bad for us because it turns out nice) that we arent quite sure what to do! here were some of my thoughts as missionaries we spend a lot of time walking and walking especially in congleton which gives us a lot of time to think about things! i thought well i absolutely have no idea what we are suppose to do now are plans and back up plans have fallen through and now what! i thought if we are doing some of the greatest work in the whole eternities why do we sometimes feel like we are just waiting for dinner to come or have all 30 doors slammed in our face! i think i was having  a pitty party for myself! 🙂 sister lunden being the amazing companion she is is like well we are learning patience and pulls out ether 12;6 talking about how it is after the test of our trails we will be blessed! 
i am so grateful for those minutes i have where plans fall through that im not sure what to do because there is always a lesson and something to learn behind it! 
companions are amazing whether its a mission companion and in most of your cases its your spouse!! 

we are teaching an amazing girl named bekki she has accepted a baptismal date but because of some events that have happened we will have to move the date later. but wow she is great she is 19 years old we taught her the law of chastity, it was a powerful lesson, that was the most powerful law of Chasity lesson i have ever witnessed! she is so willing to improve and correct her life! she will be baptized, i know it will take some time but i have full faith in her! 

we have a full week ahead of us of lessons to learn!! and so do all of you! embrace them and i will embrace mine!

Week 68 1/19/2015

hey there!

well i just love congleton it is the TOWN , that once i found out i was going to england this is what i thought all my areas would look like! cute little town with hills and cottages all around me! I seriously feel like i am in a dream. there have been times on my mission that it just hits me, I CANT BELIEVE IM IN ENLGAND!. the weather has been really cold, like really cold lots of moisture in the air and we actually had snow on sunday didnt stay long but that has been the whitest day i have had on my whole mission!
sister lunden is from finland! she is so great i love her so much easy to get along with funny happy just perfect cant complain one bit! we were talking about how cold it was and yet she was still like i am grateful to be here because in finland it gets ridiculously cold she said she went out with the missionaries when it would be  -20 degrees Celsius! she is a tough cookie! she said their eye lashes and eye brows would just be all frosted over haha.
people think we are absolutely nuts walking around in this cold but somehow we are able to do it day after day after day! gods power works!
today i was reading in the book of mormon alma 30 where korihor comes and perverts the way of the righteous people, saying well there isnt a god because you havent seen him, there also isnt a christ because you havent seen him eaither and also your not going to be saved no one can do that and one last thing nope there isnt life after this! as i read that i thought well pretty much all the people we talk to are korihors! how sad is that they need to see something in order to believe! well as the story goes on korihor rejects that there is a god and chirst and says i will believe if i see a sign! so alma thinking well you asked for it strikes him dumb with the power of god! the rest of his life he has to go around begging for food and eventually dies! pretty sad life of korihor! i know that even though i havent seen god he lives. jesus has never appear to me but i know he can heal and save me! i am no “korihor” and i hope none of you are!
i love you all so much im sorry i gotta go we are going hiking! wahooo i will hopefully have pictures in the future dont have a connecter sorry!
love you all soooo much! i mean it!

Week 67 1/12/2015

hello everyone!
well i have some exciting news! we received transfer calls and i will be leaving pretson and going to a town called congleton its in the new castle zone which probably mean nothing to you all but to me its great news i have always wanted to serve in the new castle zone its towards the south part of the mission alli hear about it is how beautiful that area is! i am so excited!

sister amichia is training she will stay here in preston i am so excited for her i knew it was going to happen for her! also i heard that sister miller my last trainee is going to train this next transfer which means …….. IM A GRANDMA!!! we will all be at transfers on Wednesday so i will make sure to get a family generation photo! i am so proud of both my trainees they will be amazing trainers!

the work is just exploding here i will miss the people we are teaching!

we have seen so much success here tracting yea go figure its amazing it works! we have three new people we are teaching just from tracting! one is a woman from ghana we were tracting that night she opened up we just connected with her and she invited us right in! we taught her about the book of Mormon and gave her one then set up a return appointment with her! we went back for our appointment this week and WOW ALL I CAN SAY IS WOW! we taught her the plan of salvation she was soooo into it! and accepted to be baptized! her husband is English but when he was 16 he was taught by the missionaries he even gave up smoking and drinking for it then he went into the army and lost contact! now fast forward 50 years and missionaries are back into his life, he didnt want to sit in on our second lesson but you could tell once we were asking him about his experience with the missionaries it brought something back to his remembrance. he totally supportive of his wife learning! great things are happening here, i cant wait to see what will happen in the future for all these people! then on sunday before church we went tracting and the first door THE FIRST DOOR! this Indian man opened we chatted learned he was a christian and has been his whole life, usually they are all Muslims, so when we meet someone who is from asia with a christian belief they are like golden eggs! his wife was in so he invited us in! we shared with them our beliefs taught them about the book of mormon and gave them information about church because they have been wanting to go to church! he has so many question he kept apologizing for all them but we dont mind questions at all that means they are thinking!

and for the single mom we have been teaching for a couple weeks she came to church on sunday we taught her and did service for her this week! she is amazing handling three kids a house and trying to figure out her path with god!

these next couple days will be hectic packing a traveling and getting a new companion! its all exciting though! i am ready for these next last three months to work even harder!

i love you all so much and miss you!!!! thank you for you emails they help so much!

Week 66 1/5/2015

this week has been great it feels as though it was super long but thats what happens when you get a day off of as a missionary it messes up your whole schedule! it was a great week! on Saturday we were asked to go to the district leadership council which is always fun, we get to hear the new scoop on the mission and what changes are being made 🙂 then after that, so that was up in Lancaster, we rode this amazing train like super posh train to chorley because we were meeting our investigator and her family and friend at the temple! can i just say the most amazing feeling is to be at the temple with your investigators awe! it was great she came to church on Sunday. she is a super mom three young kids first time at church handled all three hours like a pro! we are seeing her this week to help her decorate her home. she is just amazing i feel so blessed to be teaching her, she will certainly be a high light of Preston for me!

so here is a story from his week that i can share! so every first sunday fo the month the mission has a fireside for  investigators we as missionaries are teaching! well the problem is that the fireside is super far away but usually the problem is having an investigator to go! well our investigator is so amazing and wanted to go so we spent the whole week asking members for rides we found no one that could take us taht has enough room for 4 people! so we finally accepted that we wouldnt be going. then we get a text from the zone leaders saying that if there has been any missionaries who havent been the the fireside they are allowed to go whether or not you have an investigator, so HAJEHLUYAAAA! we were so excited because that means we could go with the senior couple that had room for two 🙂
then sunday rolls around and the senior couple that we were planning on going with gets stuck in traffic. so we dont end up going after all! we knew there was a reason why after all we tried heavenly fathers will was different for us that night! so we went out finding and we met a great man a man who has met missionaries before but questioned on how we knew it wasn’t man made, so we testified of the book of mormon and asked him if he wanted one and he said yes and that he would read it! we firmly believe that he will read it! so what we learned was that even if heavenly fathers will was for us to give this man a book of mormon that night instead of goign to the fireside with our investigator then that is okay because he really must have needed it 🙂

this week is the last full week of the transfer! can you believe it? well i cant this transfer has gone by fast which isn’t a surprise i always am in awe at the end of a transfer because i think they all go by so fast! who knows what will happen but if i could have a mission wish i would love to train again my last two transfers! i love working with he new missionaries they keep ya focused and all work super hard! we get the calls this Saturday so we shall see!

i love and miss you all thank you for your love and support and great letters! P1050859 P1050879 P1050888 P1050910