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Week 79 4/7/2015

sorry i wasnt able to email yesterday it was a bank holiday! all i gotta say is

3 JOHN 1 13-14

13 had many things to write, but will not with ink and pen write unto thee:

 14 But trust shall shortly see thee, and we shall speakface to face. Peace be to thee. Our friends salute thee. Greetthe friends by name.

see you all soon 

thank you for all your support and love! 

love sister katherine S. hunter! 


Week 78 3/30/2015


we had a smashing week, we first had a multi-zone conference in manchester which was real fun my last zone conference as a missionary, im getting to the last of everything it seems like! we also were on exchange i stayed in congleton with sister peeden she is from scotland! i love the scotts they are super witty well so are the english, their sense of humor i get along quite well with! she had fears of elevators and close spaces which she didnt inform me and guess what we took to get to our flat yup the elevator the second the door shut she like locked up oh my goodness it was scary, we then opened the door and took the stairs 🙂 that was my last exchange and i am glad! there are so many great sisters i am glad i have been able to get to know so many but exchanges always call for something interesting to happen and it certainly did!
sister lunden and i are just the greatest of friends i love her so much it was nice to have her back 🙂
we met with emma again she fed us pizza while working on her family history, ya know one of my favorite things about serving a mission is just building these great relationships with random people its so fun! we are going to see her pony alfie haha (its a common english name) she loves animals and tells us all about her pony so this week we get to go meet him. she said be careful when we go he likes to bite P1060187 4butts, ahha it reminded me of the time pinky (my horse) bit kendra haha i always wondered what caused that.
we also met a referral given to us he loves america its always nice to meet people who just automatically love me because of my country 🙂
we have spent a lot of time finding/tracting it is my favorite type of finding! believe it or not i get joy out of doing it i feel that is when i can be myself!
we also were told that may 2nd the ipdas come into the mission MAY 2ND! i missed them by less than a month! my whole mission i was told that we would have ipads….psych……! i thought about that and the reason why i was able to serve a full mission without the technology and here is what i have come to, because i like people i probably do better actually interacting than over the internet.
this past sunday was my last time in congleton ward next week we will be watching the conferences at the butlers i am so excited for conference i just love them so much and am so grateful i have been able to have 4 of them on my mission!
this next week we have loads of things happening tomorrow district meeting and Wednesday i get to go to the temple they take all the missionaries going home to the temple, we have meal appointments pretty much the whole week im using the “this is my last week” approach 🙂
i will send some pictures of sister lunden and i haha we had been panting to do this the whole week. she uses pencil for her eyebrows………. we got a bit carried away 🙂P1060204 P1060205

Week 77 3/23/2015

WOW!!!!!!!! what a week  we had such a fruitful week, so let me tell you all that has happened.
we were able to find three new investigators this week! one is an absolute miracle with the spirit of elijah! okay so we went to call by an investigator who we met a couple weeks ago, she finally came out with it and said she wasnt that interested. so we went to our back up plan which was to tract the next street over from where she lived. so we knock just two homes, this lady who comes to the window asks who we are then after we told her she said hold on let me come to the door, so we explain more tIMG_3342hen she immediately invites us in. her name is emma she has two kids and a husband! she is super super friendly. we got to know her and shared information about ourselves. we were able to share pictures of our families (from our my family booklets which was a commitment to start using them again we got at district meeting, which i am so grateful for) because the second we showed her what these books really were she got so excited she is 40 years old and said, i told my dad as a birthday present all i wanted was a family tree print out so she went and got this tree she got for her birthday,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can you imagine our faces at this point! haha so we are there talking about family history with her and just having an amazing time with this family who we just met 10 minutes prior! well we were able to get a return appointment to help her with her family history! and she even said she will feed us!!!!!!!!!!! sister lunden and i were on cloud nine once we left her home, such a miracle! i love family history and i love that i love it and am able to use that as one of my missionary gifts!
to keep the week goinP1060165g strong we were able to have 3 investigators at church! robin who we have worked with for awhile he finally got the courage to come to church, bekki came she is just having a hard time committing to things appointments quitting smoking but she came to church which is great! and then victoria we have been teaching her for a while this week she asked us when we were over if we could pray for her health because her skin is really causing her pain, we mentioned a priesthood blessing which she agreed to. so we met the elders at the chapel showed her around had a member with us who just clicked with her. then we sat in the chapel and she received a blessing. talking with her after she said “i felt something in my body as i was being blessed, like something was pulling on me” she clearly felt the spirit and recognized it she loved our chapel and then came on sunday! it was ward conference which was by far the best one i have ever gone too! she loved it so much she stayed all three hours and even for the munch and mingle afterwards!!

i just gotta say i love the butlers they have made me want to serve a senior mission where i am around other younger missionaries they are always offering us food and care and comfort and awe! i thought maybe i would like to serve a temple mission but i am thinking more on serving where i can interact and help the younger missionaries! 🙂 elder butler took this picture haha we had to unload their car his idea was to put all the boxes stacked up and have sister lunden hold them haha poor thing she was struggling just to keep them all up but this picture is just a miniature stack she had imagine four more boxes on top of what she is carrying! 🙂 we all just have so many laughs together! 
P1060169 P1060179last p day we went to manchester to lyme park, we were able to dress up i felt like i was really in england! 

Week 76 3/16/2015

hello hello!

well we had another good week lots of finding we found two new investigators so hopefully we will be able to meet with them again! we had a district meeting on tuesday which was great! i love district meetings we have a fun district 🙂 it seems all my districts that have an american district leader are tonzz of fun, am i bias yes i have totally turned into the most patriotic person ever. haha sometimes sister lunden and i get into these discussions on the best country, facts i use against her is that the start spangle banner  is in every english hymn book not just in america, we are told in the book of mormon that america is the promised land, and our mission president says god speaks english 🙂 he joking says that, we have so many missionaries who speak different languages out here so everyone gets all rallied up when presid ent says that but seriously he speak american english not english english!
yesterday i saw a girl who had an IDAHO STATE UNIVERSITY SWEATSHIRT ON! i totally freaked out and asked her where she got it all excitedly, she just stared at me and said i dont know… she put a little rain on my parade but its okay i bounced back 🙂
this week we were on exchange i went to new castle which was super great i love seeing new areas, i was on exchange with sister mcdonnell i am positive we were friends before this life we got on so well! she is one of the funniest sisters outP1060148 here she is from england! we actually are going with them today to lime park in Manchester its something to do with jane austin i dont know much about her or anything really but it will be a fun adventure something different i guess we get to dress in old clothes and get our picture taken thats all i want to do. i have wanted to get that done since forever ago.
we are trying to work with bekki we still have daily contact with her, she just got the job she has been wanting we are so happy for her she is teaching now at a primary school! we will try to meet up with her this week the keep to her conversion i am positive is to just get her mom going as well then they can tackle the smoke addiction! we have two investigators bekki and robin who struggle with commitment because of their addiction! i am so grateful i am not bound by an addiction, they make it seem almost impossible to break the habit.
we have a good week ahead of us have district meeting tomorrow which i am always excited about! we have a relief society activity on Thursday night for the celebration of its birthday!!! oh ya speaking of church sister lunden aP1060157nd i played the piano  in the primary program we had to do it so one was playing the right hand and the other was playing the left hand! we were so nervous, because we both have never preformed in front of people and we really dont know how to play it that well! but we did a great job i do have to admit.
i love and miss you all wish ya the best week evaaaa!!!!
tara ducks

Week 75 3/9/2015

we also went to the temple to do baptisms for the dead and that was such an amazing experience in our white handbook which is our rule book says we are not allowed to do baptisms but our president P1060117 worked his magic and made it possible for us to do it! the baptistery is the prettiest one i have ever seen, i wont ever forget that! after sister lunden and i finished with baptisms we asked if we could just go and sit in the celestial room with permission form the temple president we went up and just sat there and it was so peaceful exactly what i needed. i thought a lot on what we need to do in this area this transfer and also trying to figure out everything all the drama that has gone on with this elder, he being at the temple that day made it harder too.
update on bekki is that we havent had much contact with her after her big trip to the temple her mom and her got into an argument and she was really thrown by it but we were able to see her this week and asked her what she thought about us inviting her mom to take the lessons she said she really wants her mom to do it as well, so we left then once her mom got home she talked to her and asked her to take the lessons and prepare for baptism! she came to church this sunday which was really nice to see her there P1060125again. we will be teaching her mom on Thursdays if all goes to plan.
we volunteered to play the piano for primary only one woman can play and she is in charge of primary so we though with our only basic skills of playing would be better than nothing so sister lunden and i are practicing through out the week, we both are nervous because we just have never played in sacrament or played in front of people ever!
and mom and dad president ulrich sent out this notice that only the European missionaries can skype home on mothers day so that stinks because im not European! 😦 im sorry to get your hopes up but you will see me shortly after that anyways!
this is a super long email so sorry i havent been able to reply to all individually but i figured this would just be the easiest!
thanks for your emials you all have really gotten me through my mission with dad and moms continual updates on their lives and great advice to all my problem  financially boys depression that i had moms super protective worry of me with car accident and dad always updating me on ike haha( it will be good for ike)  les and kim with asking me questions that really make me think about what i have learned and gone through as a missionary and trying to help me stay real, nichole and sean for always supporting me and encouraging me no matter the trial with simple lines like keep on keeping on or sharing how i am such a great example for the girls that makes me feel great when i read that, camille and cody for making me super trunky with their hawaii pictures 🙂 just kidding camilles emails are super spiritual and always help me focus on the most important things! the time cody emailed it made me cry so thanks for that 🙂 and clayton i remember when it was my first time skyping and we all went around sharing our testimonies and he started crying as did everyone else, wont ever forget that either! i love you all so much and i love being apart of this family. i hope that we can all come together and just love this special time that is coming soon. lets all work together to the end 🙂
sister katherine hunter!
 first picture is with a member who took us out for tea its me and her daughter who ordered an american platter so i had to give her a double dose of american 🙂 so now she had an american american platter
and sister lunden and i after the temple

DSCN2923 (1) RSCN2926 (2)

Week 74 3/2/2015

hey hey hey!!!!!P1060109

this week was great as like all my other weeks special things that happened! ummmmmmmm lets see we went to the missionary fireside last night in manchester and that was so great listening to all the recent converts of the mission and also seeing all my great friends! in congleton i feel like we are the only missionaries in the whole world its so in the middle of nowhere and far from other missionary areas. i really just feel so grateful for all the people i have gotten to know over here on my mission its taken me 17 months to get to know so many and make great relationships with them but wow it was so nice! i was able to see people from old ward some from my very first area again, talk about a flashback!
i am kinda getting that understanding of when missionaries say its hard to leave your mission because of the people, sometimes yes it rains a lot and is dark and cold that honestly will be easy to leave but all the great people who have become like family over here! ughhh 😦 sister manning and i were able to talk about it, she feels the same we have everyone asking us and reminding us that this is our last transfer which doesnt help because i try to stay focused but find it hard then there is always that little reminder of hey your going home soon! so i wil try my best and work hard to the end it will take a lot of self control that for sure. i am so glad to be here with sister lunden she is exactly what i needed! happy positive and just able to completely accept me for my weirdness 🙂
we are eating and cooking super well this transfer! making crock pot chicken and potatoes and onions, fajitas, finish pasta! i am positive that this is the best eating transfer i have had yet!i think so far  on my missionP1060116 i have gained about 5-10 pounds not to bad i must have to admit 🙂
i am sorry this email is so random and just not the best but after awhile of emails it gets tiring 🙂 thanks for all the emails and support i really do appreciate it!
love you all and hope you have a LOVELY week

Week 73 2/23/2015

Yaaaa Alrighhttt?? i will start and end my email with things seriously the English people say

okay so this week honeslty has been so stressful! so this amazing weekend we had with bekki for some reason she has backed off now, i think she is just so frustrated with not being able to quit smoking it is making her feel guilty and all that! we have been trying to meet with her but havent had to much success she has had so many wonderful spiritual experience i know she will join but i dont know when. she decided to not have a baptismal goal and just get ahold of her smoking so that is all we can do know!
this week sister lunden and i were asked on thursday night to give talks in sacrament and be the main speaker! thursday night! yaaa well we freaked out a bit and ate lots of chocolate but did great! i dont know why i always stress about these talks or lessons because after they are over im like hmm that wasnt so bad! we were asked to talk about our purpose as missionaries but i focused it mainly on how members can be missionaries too!
this is a miracle i shared in my talk, so a couple weeks ago we were in a members home and talking about their missionary opportunities they both served missions. jen she is super great we love her she said she had this friend that she has taken to the temple a few times her friend worked with the catering company for the mtc so she has a few connections with the church, anyways jen was telling us that she has been to a few things like baptism and other activities but jen didn’t feel comfortable with sending us over there she said i think i will need to pray and see what the next step will be for her, we all agreed on that and that was that!
so a couple days later we are picking some streets to go tracting we see a street on the map and decide to go there we knock a few homes and then see jen who is dropping off the girls at another members house who lives on the street we decided to tract.. which we had no idea they lived their. we say high then continue tracting then we knock on this one door a nice lady comes out and says ohh do you have a church in chorley (referring to the temple) we say yaa we do  she said she has a friend who is a member of our church and that they went to the temple together!!! well the bells started chiming in our heads and figured out that this is THE SAME LADY JEN WAS TALKING ABOUT! we had absolutely no idea jen didnt tell us where she lived her name nothing but we found her! us and jen all were amazed and new we truly were inspired to go there. we didn’t get a return appointment with her but her and jen are now planning another trip to the temple!
one of those moments i wont forget!
also we got transfer calls and both sister lunden and i are staying here in congleton i am dying here (finishing my mission) i am so excited there isnt anyone else i would want to finish my mission with and no where else i would want to do it!
so blessed!
i love and miss you all so much hope your weeks are great
ta ducks <—– seriously its the weirdest thing  when they say it i just want to answer back ta turkey 🙂 looove ya!