Week 78 3/30/2015


we had a smashing week, we first had a multi-zone conference in manchester which was real fun my last zone conference as a missionary, im getting to the last of everything it seems like! we also were on exchange i stayed in congleton with sister peeden she is from scotland! i love the scotts they are super witty well so are the english, their sense of humor i get along quite well with! she had fears of elevators and close spaces which she didnt inform me and guess what we took to get to our flat yup the elevator the second the door shut she like locked up oh my goodness it was scary, we then opened the door and took the stairs πŸ™‚ that was my last exchange and i am glad! there are so many great sisters i am glad i have been able to get to know so many but exchanges always call for something interesting to happen and it certainly did!
sister lunden and i are just the greatest of friends i love her so much it was nice to have her back πŸ™‚
we met with emma again she fed us pizza while working on her family history, ya know one of my favorite things about serving a mission is just building these great relationships with random people its so fun! we are going to see her pony alfie haha (its a common english name) she loves animals and tells us all about her pony so this week we get to go meet him. she said be careful when we go he likes to bite P1060187 4butts, ahha it reminded me of the time pinky (my horse) bit kendra haha i always wondered what caused that.
we also met a referral given to us he loves america its always nice to meet people who just automatically love me because of my country πŸ™‚
we have spent a lot of time finding/tracting it is my favorite type of finding! believe it or not i get joy out of doing it i feel that is when i can be myself!
we also were told that may 2nd the ipdas come into the mission MAY 2ND! i missed them by less than a month! my whole mission i was told that we would have ipads….psych……! i thought about that and the reason why i was able to serve a full mission without the technology and here is what i have come to, because i like people i probably do better actually interacting than over the internet.
this past sunday was my last time in congleton ward next week we will be watching the conferences at the butlers i am so excited for conference i just love them so much and am so grateful i have been able to have 4 of them on my mission!
this next week we have loads of things happening tomorrow district meeting and Wednesday i get to go to the temple they take all the missionaries going home to the temple, we have meal appointments pretty much the whole week im using the “this is my last week” approach πŸ™‚
i will send some pictures of sister lunden and i haha we had been panting to do this the whole week. she uses pencil for her eyebrows………. we got a bit carried away πŸ™‚P1060204Β P1060205

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