Week 77 3/23/2015

WOW!!!!!!!! what a week  we had such a fruitful week, so let me tell you all that has happened.
we were able to find three new investigators this week! one is an absolute miracle with the spirit of elijah! okay so we went to call by an investigator who we met a couple weeks ago, she finally came out with it and said she wasnt that interested. so we went to our back up plan which was to tract the next street over from where she lived. so we knock just two homes, this lady who comes to the window asks who we are then after we told her she said hold on let me come to the door, so we explain more tIMG_3342hen she immediately invites us in. her name is emma she has two kids and a husband! she is super super friendly. we got to know her and shared information about ourselves. we were able to share pictures of our families (from our my family booklets which was a commitment to start using them again we got at district meeting, which i am so grateful for) because the second we showed her what these books really were she got so excited she is 40 years old and said, i told my dad as a birthday present all i wanted was a family tree print out so she went and got this tree she got for her birthday,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can you imagine our faces at this point! haha so we are there talking about family history with her and just having an amazing time with this family who we just met 10 minutes prior! well we were able to get a return appointment to help her with her family history! and she even said she will feed us!!!!!!!!!!! sister lunden and i were on cloud nine once we left her home, such a miracle! i love family history and i love that i love it and am able to use that as one of my missionary gifts!
to keep the week goinP1060165g strong we were able to have 3 investigators at church! robin who we have worked with for awhile he finally got the courage to come to church, bekki came she is just having a hard time committing to things appointments quitting smoking but she came to church which is great! and then victoria we have been teaching her for a while this week she asked us when we were over if we could pray for her health because her skin is really causing her pain, we mentioned a priesthood blessing which she agreed to. so we met the elders at the chapel showed her around had a member with us who just clicked with her. then we sat in the chapel and she received a blessing. talking with her after she said “i felt something in my body as i was being blessed, like something was pulling on me” she clearly felt the spirit and recognized it she loved our chapel and then came on sunday! it was ward conference which was by far the best one i have ever gone too! she loved it so much she stayed all three hours and even for the munch and mingle afterwards!!

i just gotta say i love the butlers they have made me want to serve a senior mission where i am around other younger missionaries they are always offering us food and care and comfort and awe! i thought maybe i would like to serve a temple mission but i am thinking more on serving where i can interact and help the younger missionaries! 🙂 elder butler took this picture haha we had to unload their car his idea was to put all the boxes stacked up and have sister lunden hold them haha poor thing she was struggling just to keep them all up but this picture is just a miniature stack she had imagine four more boxes on top of what she is carrying! 🙂 we all just have so many laughs together! 
P1060169 P1060179last p day we went to manchester to lyme park, we were able to dress up i felt like i was really in england! 

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