Week 76 3/16/2015

hello hello!

well we had another good week lots of finding we found two new investigators so hopefully we will be able to meet with them again! we had a district meeting on tuesday which was great! i love district meetings we have a fun district 🙂 it seems all my districts that have an american district leader are tonzz of fun, am i bias yes i have totally turned into the most patriotic person ever. haha sometimes sister lunden and i get into these discussions on the best country, facts i use against her is that the start spangle banner  is in every english hymn book not just in america, we are told in the book of mormon that america is the promised land, and our mission president says god speaks english 🙂 he joking says that, we have so many missionaries who speak different languages out here so everyone gets all rallied up when presid ent says that but seriously he speak american english not english english!
yesterday i saw a girl who had an IDAHO STATE UNIVERSITY SWEATSHIRT ON! i totally freaked out and asked her where she got it all excitedly, she just stared at me and said i dont know… she put a little rain on my parade but its okay i bounced back 🙂
this week we were on exchange i went to new castle which was super great i love seeing new areas, i was on exchange with sister mcdonnell i am positive we were friends before this life we got on so well! she is one of the funniest sisters outP1060148 here she is from england! we actually are going with them today to lime park in Manchester its something to do with jane austin i dont know much about her or anything really but it will be a fun adventure something different i guess we get to dress in old clothes and get our picture taken thats all i want to do. i have wanted to get that done since forever ago.
we are trying to work with bekki we still have daily contact with her, she just got the job she has been wanting we are so happy for her she is teaching now at a primary school! we will try to meet up with her this week the keep to her conversion i am positive is to just get her mom going as well then they can tackle the smoke addiction! we have two investigators bekki and robin who struggle with commitment because of their addiction! i am so grateful i am not bound by an addiction, they make it seem almost impossible to break the habit.
we have a good week ahead of us have district meeting tomorrow which i am always excited about! we have a relief society activity on Thursday night for the celebration of its birthday!!! oh ya speaking of church sister lunden aP1060157nd i played the piano  in the primary program we had to do it so one was playing the right hand and the other was playing the left hand! we were so nervous, because we both have never preformed in front of people and we really dont know how to play it that well! but we did a great job i do have to admit.
i love and miss you all wish ya the best week evaaaa!!!!
tara ducks

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