Week 75 3/9/2015

we also went to the temple to do baptisms for the dead and that was such an amazing experience in our white handbook which is our rule book says we are not allowed to do baptisms but our president P1060117 worked his magic and made it possible for us to do it! the baptistery is the prettiest one i have ever seen, i wont ever forget that! after sister lunden and i finished with baptisms we asked if we could just go and sit in the celestial room with permission form the temple president we went up and just sat there and it was so peaceful exactly what i needed. i thought a lot on what we need to do in this area this transfer and also trying to figure out everything all the drama that has gone on with this elder, he being at the temple that day made it harder too.
update on bekki is that we havent had much contact with her after her big trip to the temple her mom and her got into an argument and she was really thrown by it but we were able to see her this week and asked her what she thought about us inviting her mom to take the lessons she said she really wants her mom to do it as well, so we left then once her mom got home she talked to her and asked her to take the lessons and prepare for baptism! she came to church this sunday which was really nice to see her there P1060125again. we will be teaching her mom on Thursdays if all goes to plan.
we volunteered to play the piano for primary only one woman can play and she is in charge of primary so we though with our only basic skills of playing would be better than nothing so sister lunden and i are practicing through out the week, we both are nervous because we just have never played in sacrament or played in front of people ever!
and mom and dad president ulrich sent out this notice that only the European missionaries can skype home on mothers day so that stinks because im not European! 😦 im sorry to get your hopes up but you will see me shortly after that anyways!
this is a super long email so sorry i havent been able to reply to all individually but i figured this would just be the easiest!
thanks for your emials you all have really gotten me through my mission with dad and moms continual updates on their lives and great advice to all my problem  financially boys depression that i had moms super protective worry of me with car accident and dad always updating me on ike haha( it will be good for ike)  les and kim with asking me questions that really make me think about what i have learned and gone through as a missionary and trying to help me stay real, nichole and sean for always supporting me and encouraging me no matter the trial with simple lines like keep on keeping on or sharing how i am such a great example for the girls that makes me feel great when i read that, camille and cody for making me super trunky with their hawaii pictures 🙂 just kidding camilles emails are super spiritual and always help me focus on the most important things! the time cody emailed it made me cry so thanks for that 🙂 and clayton i remember when it was my first time skyping and we all went around sharing our testimonies and he started crying as did everyone else, wont ever forget that either! i love you all so much and i love being apart of this family. i hope that we can all come together and just love this special time that is coming soon. lets all work together to the end 🙂
sister katherine hunter!
 first picture is with a member who took us out for tea its me and her daughter who ordered an american platter so i had to give her a double dose of american 🙂 so now she had an american american platter
and sister lunden and i after the temple

DSCN2923 (1) RSCN2926 (2)


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