Week 74 3/2/2015

hey hey hey!!!!!P1060109

this week was great as like all my other weeks special things that happened! ummmmmmmm lets see we went to the missionary fireside last night in manchester and that was so great listening to all the recent converts of the mission and also seeing all my great friends! in congleton i feel like we are the only missionaries in the whole world its so in the middle of nowhere and far from other missionary areas. i really just feel so grateful for all the people i have gotten to know over here on my mission its taken me 17 months to get to know so many and make great relationships with them but wow it was so nice! i was able to see people from old ward some from my very first area again, talk about a flashback!
i am kinda getting that understanding of when missionaries say its hard to leave your mission because of the people, sometimes yes it rains a lot and is dark and cold that honestly will be easy to leave but all the great people who have become like family over here! ughhh 😦 sister manning and i were able to talk about it, she feels the same we have everyone asking us and reminding us that this is our last transfer which doesnt help because i try to stay focused but find it hard then there is always that little reminder of hey your going home soon! so i wil try my best and work hard to the end it will take a lot of self control that for sure. i am so glad to be here with sister lunden she is exactly what i needed! happy positive and just able to completely accept me for my weirdness πŸ™‚
we are eating and cooking super well this transfer! making crock pot chicken and potatoes and onions, fajitas, finish pasta! i am positive that this is the best eating transfer i have had yet!i think so far Β on my missionP1060116 i have gained about 5-10 pounds not to bad i must have to admit πŸ™‚
i am sorry this email is so random and just not the best but after awhile of emails it gets tiring πŸ™‚ thanks for all the emails and support i really do appreciate it!
love you all and hope you have a LOVELY week

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