Week 73 2/23/2015

Yaaaa Alrighhttt?? i will start and end my email with things seriously the English people say

okay so this week honeslty has been so stressful! so this amazing weekend we had with bekki for some reason she has backed off now, i think she is just so frustrated with not being able to quit smoking it is making her feel guilty and all that! we have been trying to meet with her but havent had to much success she has had so many wonderful spiritual experience i know she will join but i dont know when. she decided to not have a baptismal goal and just get ahold of her smoking so that is all we can do know!
this week sister lunden and i were asked on thursday night to give talks in sacrament and be the main speaker! thursday night! yaaa well we freaked out a bit and ate lots of chocolate but did great! i dont know why i always stress about these talks or lessons because after they are over im like hmm that wasnt so bad! we were asked to talk about our purpose as missionaries but i focused it mainly on how members can be missionaries too!
this is a miracle i shared in my talk, so a couple weeks ago we were in a members home and talking about their missionary opportunities they both served missions. jen she is super great we love her she said she had this friend that she has taken to the temple a few times her friend worked with the catering company for the mtc so she has a few connections with the church, anyways jen was telling us that she has been to a few things like baptism and other activities but jen didn’t feel comfortable with sending us over there she said i think i will need to pray and see what the next step will be for her, we all agreed on that and that was that!
so a couple days later we are picking some streets to go tracting we see a street on the map and decide to go there we knock a few homes and then see jen who is dropping off the girls at another members house who lives on the street we decided to tract.. which we had no idea they lived their. we say high then continue tracting then we knock on this one door a nice lady comes out and says ohh do you have a church in chorley (referring to the temple) we say yaa we do  she said she has a friend who is a member of our church and that they went to the temple together!!! well the bells started chiming in our heads and figured out that this is THE SAME LADY JEN WAS TALKING ABOUT! we had absolutely no idea jen didnt tell us where she lived her name nothing but we found her! us and jen all were amazed and new we truly were inspired to go there. we didn’t get a return appointment with her but her and jen are now planning another trip to the temple!
one of those moments i wont forget!
also we got transfer calls and both sister lunden and i are staying here in congleton i am dying here (finishing my mission) i am so excited there isnt anyone else i would want to finish my mission with and no where else i would want to do it!
so blessed!
i love and miss you all so much hope your weeks are great
ta ducks <—– seriously its the weirdest thing  when they say it i just want to answer back ta turkey 🙂 looove ya!

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