Week 72 2/16/2015


okay well to start off earlier in the week we had an mission activity where we got to watch the movie meet the Mormons! wow i loved it so much i want to buy it and watch it over and over again! i love how they capture what it really is like as a MORMON! i am proud to be Mormon! 🙂
then the rest of the week was just fantastic from there. on saturday we went to the temple with bekki we walked around taught about eternal marriage 🙂 and had lucn there it was such a great day and she loved it! we got some photos i will send them. then after the temple we went straight to the baptism in preston! SARAH GOT BAPTIZED! she was glowing! i remember when sister amichia and i dated her for baptism we walked out of her house and just felt like we were floating on cloud nine and then to actually see there and be a part of her baptism! wow i feel so blessed! and bekki loved that as well! president ulrich and sister ulrich were at the baptism and came and talked and got to know bekki. the following day so this is sunday now, president and sister ulrich came and spoke in our ward, they are so powerful and so motivated for missionary work i love them so much and am so glad they are our mission president and wife! bekki came to church with her mom! yaaa her mom came too! we were all in the same sunday school class us bekki her mom and pres. and sister ulrich they know about her struggle with smoking and president being a super powerful and faithful man wanted to give her a blessing, so we went in to a room and he gave her one! the atmosphere of that room changed so much, he pretty much rebuked her addiction, after the blessing she got up and everyone gave her a hug and she literally was out of breath, she was speechless! she was crying we were crying it was such a powerful experience one i will NEVER forget my whole life!
we got a text later form her that night that said “i am still taken away at the blessing president ulrich gave me i have full confidence in myself now and i know i can stop smoking!”
we are going to have her baptism on the 28th of feb! 🙂
i feel so privileged to be teahing bekki she is so prepared and so ready! i wouldnt be surprised if she served a mission as well. this girl is a special one!
this valentines weekend was by far the best one i have ever had! i love being a missionary and i love being mormon!! its so easy to go the way of the world but i know that if i/we hold on to the light and the truth that comes form the teachings of christ there is nothing and i mean NOTHING that will bring us more happiness in life!
dad told me about friends that have decided to leave the church and all i have to say is dont do it! lets hold on to our testimonies and know that satan is so real and will attack even the most elite members of the church! because of peoples decision to leave the church that effects them not only for this life but for eternity!
my testimony and gratitude of being a member of the church has grown so much!
if you are unsure yourself or have questions pray about it! its worth it
i love you all so much and miss you!!!

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