Week 71 2/9/2015

so this week has been a bit eventful… this will be a week i will surely never forget!

P1050972okay so start off we have been teaching bekki she is great trying to help her stop smoking! we are still laughing loads and learning together! she was able to have an activity made just for her at brother moss’s home he is the ward mission leader it was great we had members there some ysa from another ward and we all watched joseph smith prophet of the restoration. she loved it and had a great time! we have scheduled this coming Saturday to go to the temple and also to go to the baptism in preston. remember sarah the single mom in my last area we taught! ya she is getting baptized on valentines day it the perfect way to spend my valentines day! 🙂
on wednesday we had our zone meeting that was great it was focused on gaining confidence in finding something i need right now! the zone leaders talked about how we need to be bold and then gave us a little rock that says be a little boulder! clever very clever!
so for the real event on friday night we went to a member home for tea! as was well we had a great dinner we had coordination at our ward mission leaders home after dinner so we asked the member we had dinner with if she could take us there, with no hesitation she was like yes, we teach our lesson get our stuff together and head off. it was quite dark we went the back way so little roads in enlgand dark at night. i am sP1060010ure you can see where this is going, we got in a car crash that night. it was one of the scariest things that has happened to me on my mission. she pulled out  on a main road in front of another car it wacked us pretty good! it hit the back right side of the car exactly where i wasnt. i was sitting in the back left :(. it knocked the wind out of me which was a frighting trying to catch my breath back after realizing what had just happened and with the car filled with a nasty smell! i saw the car she pulled out in front of which made it even worse because i knew the second she started pulling out that we were going to get hit! and just had to wait for the impact. i wasnt quite sure what to expect! well it hurt! sister lunden was fine just sore where the seat belt locked on her and the member broke her breast bone. the other car was probably going 30 -40 miles an hour i think if she was going the speed limit! she was fine.
the driver of the other car came running over and helped us out! of course my door was on child lock! my ribs and back on my right side where the impact came from was pretty sore and is still kinda sore, only a bruise so no need to worry!
after thinking about it and processing what had happened all i can say is that i feel so blessed it could have been so much worse i could have been sitting on the right siP1060029de, heavenly father is certainly protecting me,i called our ward mission leader he came to our rescue after being examined and released he took us home! that next morning we went to the hospital to be checked over. we were fine and we knew we were but a member insisted to just go and get checked out! the ward was so helpful and has been such a crutch to lean on! they really do take great care of us here! we have rested and are doing great! we are going to have a great week!
it has opened my eyes a lot to the protection we have as missionaries i am so grateful for heavenly father and the prompting we receive form the holy ghost! i love you all so much and miss you!
have a great week!   P1060043 P1060014 P1060039

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