Week 70 2/2/2015

hello everyone!

its FEBRUARY!!!!!!! the coldest darkest  part of winter is hopefully over we will still have some cold days okay probably a lot but nothing like january!
its snowed over here this week.. yea that was loads of fun walking and skidding around in the snow our buses stopped running for a bit too. i remember hearing that when it snows in england everything just stops. since i havent had any snow on my mission until now i didnt know what people were talking about….. now i do. 🙂 it was really pretty though everything frosted with white, seeing all the green with a white cover over all of it! it was beautiful, it seriously surprises me still how green it is over here during the winter time!
bekki our investigator is doing so well she came to church to ALL THREE HOURS!! she had a great time i really dont think of her as an investigator she is one of my greatest friends i have made over here! she is hilarious and laughs all the time so if you can imagine, her laughing easily+  than me laughing easily = a lot of laughter going on! so much that our backs start hurting! okay so here are some of our funny moments together! first bekki is a super cute stylish 19 year old blonde hair beautiful girl not your average investigator 🙂 she has a personality a lot like tegans 🙂 great able to laugh at herself and makes a couple blonde statements every so often 🙂 (love ya te)
okay so we are reading from the book of mormon with her its her turn to read she comes across                                                                               thou-   sands it looks literally just like that where there is a break in the word she pronounces it like she is reading the words thou and sands haha she pauses for a split second after reading it then mumbles something than sayss oohhhhh thousands, we both just burst out laughing
that same night we were talking about s’mores right before we were leaving and she got all excited because she wanted to make some said she couldn’t find any “graham crapper” hahaha (she has braces which makes speaking difficult sometimes… i guess…)
i love teaching her she really is so prepared she has accepted all the lessons tithing chastity you name it she accepts it!
she is working on smoking right now so if any prayer are for her to help her quit smoking would be the most appreciated 🙂
we have some great appointments this week and a zone meeting on wednesday which i am excited about!
the ward here is taking care of us so well yesterday for fast sunday i was so impressed everyone was fighting to get up and bare there testimony, instead of those long (what i feel like awkward pauses) where no one gets up!
it was great to see i love the ward here
we are going to have a relaxing p-day going to go look for some shoes for sister lunden then probably go home and relax and eat 🙂
i love and miss you all and hope you have a great week!
stay sacred 🙂

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