Week 69 1/26/2015

well this week was pretty great just like the other ones! we had powerful lessons with our investigator bekki! we met great people finding! had loads of learning! this weeks learning was centered around patience! last night we were out we went to call by a less active they werent in then we went to call by a potential investigator and her husband said she just left so here we are with some time on our hands, (i dont want you all to read this and think awe poor them or feel bad for us because it turns out nice) that we arent quite sure what to do! here were some of my thoughts as missionaries we spend a lot of time walking and walking especially in congleton which gives us a lot of time to think about things! i thought well i absolutely have no idea what we are suppose to do now are plans and back up plans have fallen through and now what! i thought if we are doing some of the greatest work in the whole eternities why do we sometimes feel like we are just waiting for dinner to come or have all 30 doors slammed in our face! i think i was having  a pitty party for myself! 🙂 sister lunden being the amazing companion she is is like well we are learning patience and pulls out ether 12;6 talking about how it is after the test of our trails we will be blessed! 
i am so grateful for those minutes i have where plans fall through that im not sure what to do because there is always a lesson and something to learn behind it! 
companions are amazing whether its a mission companion and in most of your cases its your spouse!! 

we are teaching an amazing girl named bekki she has accepted a baptismal date but because of some events that have happened we will have to move the date later. but wow she is great she is 19 years old we taught her the law of chastity, it was a powerful lesson, that was the most powerful law of Chasity lesson i have ever witnessed! she is so willing to improve and correct her life! she will be baptized, i know it will take some time but i have full faith in her! 

we have a full week ahead of us of lessons to learn!! and so do all of you! embrace them and i will embrace mine!

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