Week 68 1/19/2015

hey there!

well i just love congleton it is the TOWN , that once i found out i was going to england this is what i thought all my areas would look like! cute little town with hills and cottages all around me! I seriously feel like i am in a dream. there have been times on my mission that it just hits me, I CANT BELIEVE IM IN ENLGAND!. the weather has been really cold, like really cold lots of moisture in the air and we actually had snow on sunday didnt stay long but that has been the whitest day i have had on my whole mission!
sister lunden is from finland! she is so great i love her so much easy to get along with funny happy just perfect cant complain one bit! we were talking about how cold it was and yet she was still like i am grateful to be here because in finland it gets ridiculously cold she said she went out with the missionaries when it would be  -20 degrees Celsius! she is a tough cookie! she said their eye lashes and eye brows would just be all frosted over haha.
people think we are absolutely nuts walking around in this cold but somehow we are able to do it day after day after day! gods power works!
today i was reading in the book of mormon alma 30 where korihor comes and perverts the way of the righteous people, saying well there isnt a god because you havent seen him, there also isnt a christ because you havent seen him eaither and also your not going to be saved no one can do that and one last thing nope there isnt life after this! as i read that i thought well pretty much all the people we talk to are korihors! how sad is that they need to see something in order to believe! well as the story goes on korihor rejects that there is a god and chirst and says i will believe if i see a sign! so alma thinking well you asked for it strikes him dumb with the power of god! the rest of his life he has to go around begging for food and eventually dies! pretty sad life of korihor! i know that even though i havent seen god he lives. jesus has never appear to me but i know he can heal and save me! i am no “korihor” and i hope none of you are!
i love you all so much im sorry i gotta go we are going hiking! wahooo i will hopefully have pictures in the future dont have a connecter sorry!
love you all soooo much! i mean it!

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