Week 67 1/12/2015

hello everyone!
well i have some exciting news! we received transfer calls and i will be leaving pretson and going to a town called congleton its in the new castle zone which probably mean nothing to you all but to me its great news i have always wanted to serve in the new castle zone its towards the south part of the mission alli hear about it is how beautiful that area is! i am so excited!

sister amichia is training she will stay here in preston i am so excited for her i knew it was going to happen for her! also i heard that sister miller my last trainee is going to train this next transfer which means …….. IM A GRANDMA!!! we will all be at transfers on Wednesday so i will make sure to get a family generation photo! i am so proud of both my trainees they will be amazing trainers!

the work is just exploding here i will miss the people we are teaching!

we have seen so much success here tracting yea go figure its amazing it works! we have three new people we are teaching just from tracting! one is a woman from ghana we were tracting that night she opened up we just connected with her and she invited us right in! we taught her about the book of Mormon and gave her one then set up a return appointment with her! we went back for our appointment this week and WOW ALL I CAN SAY IS WOW! we taught her the plan of salvation she was soooo into it! and accepted to be baptized! her husband is English but when he was 16 he was taught by the missionaries he even gave up smoking and drinking for it then he went into the army and lost contact! now fast forward 50 years and missionaries are back into his life, he didnt want to sit in on our second lesson but you could tell once we were asking him about his experience with the missionaries it brought something back to his remembrance. he totally supportive of his wife learning! great things are happening here, i cant wait to see what will happen in the future for all these people! then on sunday before church we went tracting and the first door THE FIRST DOOR! this Indian man opened we chatted learned he was a christian and has been his whole life, usually they are all Muslims, so when we meet someone who is from asia with a christian belief they are like golden eggs! his wife was in so he invited us in! we shared with them our beliefs taught them about the book of mormon and gave them information about church because they have been wanting to go to church! he has so many question he kept apologizing for all them but we dont mind questions at all that means they are thinking!

and for the single mom we have been teaching for a couple weeks she came to church on sunday we taught her and did service for her this week! she is amazing handling three kids a house and trying to figure out her path with god!

these next couple days will be hectic packing a traveling and getting a new companion! its all exciting though! i am ready for these next last three months to work even harder!

i love you all so much and miss you!!!! thank you for you emails they help so much!


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