Week 66 1/5/2015

this week has been great it feels as though it was super long but thats what happens when you get a day off of as a missionary it messes up your whole schedule! it was a great week! on Saturday we were asked to go to the district leadership council which is always fun, we get to hear the new scoop on the mission and what changes are being made πŸ™‚ then after that, so that was up in Lancaster, we rode this amazing train like super posh train to chorley because we were meeting our investigator and her family and friend at the temple! can i just say the most amazing feeling is to be at the temple with your investigators awe! it was great she came to church on Sunday. she is a super mom three young kids first time at church handled all three hours like a pro! we are seeing her this week to help her decorate her home. she is just amazing i feel so blessed to be teaching her, she will certainly be a high light of Preston for me!

so here is a story from his week that i can share! so every first sunday fo the month the mission has a fireside forΒ  investigators we as missionaries are teaching! well the problem is that the fireside is super far away but usually the problem is having an investigator to go! well our investigator is so amazing and wanted to go so we spent the whole week asking members for rides we found no one that could take us taht has enough room for 4 people! so we finally accepted that we wouldnt be going. then we get a text from the zone leaders saying that if there has been any missionaries who havent been the the fireside they are allowed to go whether or not you have an investigator, so HAJEHLUYAAAA! we were so excited because that means we could go with the senior couple that had room for two πŸ™‚
then sunday rolls around and the senior couple that we were planning on going with gets stuck in traffic. so we dont end up going after all! we knew there was a reason why after all we tried heavenly fathers will was different for us that night! so we went out finding and we met a great man a man who has met missionaries before but questioned on how we knew it wasn’t man made, so we testified of the book of mormon and asked him if he wanted one and he said yes and that he would read it! we firmly believe that he will read it! so what we learned was that even if heavenly fathers will was for us to give this man a book of mormon that night instead of goign to the fireside with our investigator then that is okay because he really must have needed it πŸ™‚

this week is the last full week of the transfer! can you believe it? well i cant this transfer has gone by fast which isn’t a surprise i always am in awe at the end of a transfer because i think they all go by so fast! who knows what will happen but if i could have a mission wish i would love to train again my last two transfers! i love working with he new missionaries they keep ya focused and all work super hard! we get the calls this Saturday so we shall see!

i love and miss you all thank you for your love and support and great letters! P1050859 P1050879 P1050888 P1050910


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