Week 65 12/29/2014

! happy new years!!! well soon to be new years! i had a great Christmas loved seeing the family! we were taking care of by a great member family from south America!

we had a huge slumber party with the sisters serving in south ribble and that was so much fun was pulled all our beds out in the living room and set up our dvd player and watched all the chronicles of Narnia! now i understand why we as missionaries cant watch movies, because boy oh boy was one of the characters cute ๐Ÿ™‚ haha after the second movie was over it ended not the way we wanted, we were all moaning around feeling sorry for ourselves a bit too! took us longer to recover than i would have liked:)

we are back in business until Wednesday then we are going to go play as a district VOLLEYBALL at the chapel we are gunna play and eat and play some more! my district leader asked if there was anything her could do for me so ya bet i grabbed that opportunity! it will be loads of fun! we also are going to try to get frozen from a member i haven’t seen itย  and everyone is just talking or singing all the songs i figured i should really put forth effort in seeing it!

thank you all for your packages and letters i loved them all they made Christmas even more special!

so for an update on the work we are now teaching a woman who is so amazing!!! she was friends with members in chorley then moved up here and has contact with the elders because they helped her move in. then we went to a lesson to help fellowship and the next day the elders decided to pass her over to us because she connected better to us ๐Ÿ™‚ cough cough …. of course she did… cough cough

we are seeing her on Wednesday so excited we went to hers last night and she prayed! its a big deal when they pray its so fun to teach them the order of prayer and then hearing them actually do it!

i am grateful for the truth i have the knowledge that this is the true church i am grateful for the example my friends and family have been to me and leading me in the right way! i am grateful for the help from all of you to serve my mission financially emotionally all of it! i love being a missionary and am being refined more and more! i know that the book of mormon is true, period! i know that god loves us and guides us and we can communicate to him through prayer! that is my simple testimony and i say it in the name of jesus christ amen!

i love and miss you all back to work i go! have a great week!

sorry i havent sent pictures lost my thing to do it with and my comp doesnt have one ether! ๐Ÿ™‚


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