Week 64 12/22/2015


okay well this week is going to be great! we have got some great christmas plans! our p-day is shorter today because of all the activities we will have this week. we are going to Manchester tomorrow for our christmas dinner its a multi-zone thing so lots of missionaries! but it will be great! we have a skit also well all the zones have to make up a skit so our district has one so this is what it will be. if you have ever seen those snicker commercials where there is betty white in place for a super buff football player then all his teammates are like dude your acting like betty white then they give him a snickers bar and he changes back into himself! haha so we are doing that with the elders it will be me and an elder tracting him throwing fits and handling rejection awfully then i give him a snickers then magically sister amichia appear! where my punch line is you act like such an elder when your hungry πŸ™‚ haha we all thought it was just hilarious! missionary humor … i am a victim πŸ™‚

so christmas eve we will have the sisters in south ribble come over and spend the night. none other than sister manning MY BEST COMPANION when we were together and found out we were being split up we were like well i hope we can at least be in the same Christmas zone, nope even better we get to spend Christmas eve and Christmas day with eachΒ  other its purely a tender mercy! we could have been anywhere in the field but we were placed so perfectly only 15 minutes between our proselyting area!

we will be going to a members home after the senior couples we are going to watch the two best years i have been dying to see that ever since last christmas its been on my list of movies to watch for evvvver!

we also will be spending time baking cookies for people we have met tracting two people in particular a woman we met who just lost her husband doesnt have any family no kids no siblings 😦 so sad and also this elderly man who seemed to have a broken heart we just felt that we needed to give him some too! we also will be spending time with a member who is so frail that she cant come to church because her shoulders and knees just pop out of place and dislocate! saddest thing so we as a district will all go over to hers!

oh i have to tell ya we went caroling yesterday us and the 4 elders haha we had to pray that we would embrace the awkwardness! πŸ™‚ it was great! got doors shut in our face got offered money haha great memoires!
cant wait to skype and for everyone else have a great Christmas! love you all soo much!

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