Week 63 12/15/2014

hey hey hey!

well this week flew, we were two little busy bodies! we had a zone meeting up north in Lancaster or should i say lambcaster! sheep are everywhere up there and i dont know if you knew this but sheep can grow big bushy tails like huge tails! i saw one and just busted out laughing it is the funniest looking thing ever! our zone meeting was great it was centered on how to share the churches latest project of “he is the gift” if ya haven’t seen it its on youtube its title he is the gift super good! i will share a miracle i just had with it okay about an hour ago this man came and sat right next to me and i felt i needed to talk to him, we talked for a bit and then i saw he was looking at videos on youtube so i gave him the title and he watched it right then and there! we have a set appointment with him later in the week!

then we were on exchange with the Liverpool sisters and wow i love the city Liverpool always have and always will. i was on exchange with the Chinese sisters and oh my goodness she is so cute her name is sister li and she can cook 🙂 well actually i think all chinese people can cook, i was asking her advice on how she stays so thin thinking its more than just their genes , haaa she says well back home we really dont eat sweets like cakes brownies all that and we dont eat much cheese, and also we dont drink as much milk as people do over here! hahaha i am like well do i want to be skinny or do i want to enjoy my food ,……. enjoy my food! haha they dont eat all the good stuff no wonder they are skinny!

we have the temple day on Wednesday which i am stoked about i havent been to the temple in about 5 months and it really is time for it again! we have another exchange this week we are going with our sister training leaders and guess who is mine sister manning i served with sister manning in Manchester the best transfer of my life! we are going on exchange thursday. we have lots of appointments with the members this week which is nice to get to know them more!

familyi cant wait to see you all in ten days! i gotta wrap this emial up! miss you so much!


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