Week 62 12/8/2014

hello, hi there, hola, bonjour ca va (pronounced sa va) i have a
professional French teacher now! yaaa hooo she laughs at me when i
attempt to say things in french but hey this may be my only

well i am attempting to settle here in Preston for me every time i am
transferred the first couple days are the hardest! it was great
yesterday and today though yesterday i was able to meet all the
members one lady is from stinken GLENNS FERRY!!! haha can you believe
it this couple is called the bently's he is english and she is
american he served his mission i idaho they met at rick's but ya she
is some how related to the quigleys in buhl they are a couple
generations cousins but wow it was crazy they invited us over tfor
dinner yesterday and we just talked about idaho the whole time it was
the best and trunkiest thing ever! :)

preston is a much bigger town than southport so its gunna take me
about until i feel confident in the area. oh here is another random
thing so we were street contacting and we contacted into a woman who
was related to the first english person to be baptized here in preston
its a big deal over here! Thought that was really neat she was the
wife of the grandson of mr.watts i think it was! that was the time i
think heber c kimball and all those apostles were over here mr.watts
and another man raced to the waters to get baptized quite humorus.
wishing that was the case now but hey...

sister amichia is great she is loud funny awe just my favorite type of
person! we will have a great transfer i am glad to be spending
christmas with her!
we met the family that we will be spending christmas with!" ohhh my
goodness she is the best cook ever they are from Ecuador and love the
sister missionaries we are all going to buy onesies and wear them
together, onsies are really big over here we went to her home on
friday and she had one on so we all decided we will do the same! :)

we have a lot of great things planned for this christmas season we
have a zone meeting tomorrow then i will be going to liverpool for
exchange on Wednesday then next week we are all going to the
TEMPLE!!!! that is seriously one of the highlights of the season then
the next week christmas! and skyping the family!

lots of fun i will try my hardest to stay focused on the work so far
sister amichia and i have met some great people! a woman who we are
going back tonight to teach and another woman from Scotland we are
going back later in the week!
they both agreed they wanted to learn more and gave us a time to come
back sister amichia and i walked away from that like ....okay.... haha
fine i guess we will come back and teach you more! its always a great
surprise when you have someone thats like YEA COME ON BACK! ! :) will
keep you updated

i am so privileged to be serving here in preston, when i served in
burnley i served in the same area presdient hinckley walked the
streets of while he was on his mission and the same goes here in
preston for heber c kimball and loads more!
in preston there are loads of different races here its almost like
manchester with all the different cultures, its fun i love areas like

hope everything is well sure seems like it from all your emails"!
thank you again for your love and support! Love and miss you sooo

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