Week 61 12/1/2014

How great it is to read about everyone’s thanksgiving! we really do have a great family! I love and miss you all so much! we had a great thanksgiving! sister and brother Chalmers they prepared like a 4 course meal! it was amazing started with clam chowder! : / yup that’s still how I fell about clams.. but when he asked if he could make his homemade clam chowder I am not goign to be that missionary who is like eww no way so yup I swallowed my pride and ate it:) they had “American Rootbeer” also our favourite American dishes like caramelized sweet potatoes and sister miller green bean casserole  we really had a great time! the elders were there as well the one from England just really speaks his mind so at times im just like elder knight please don’t say anything offensive! haha he is young and learning!
 its weird going back on my camera looking at last years thanksgiving time flys literally!
well the big news is here we got our transfer calls Saturday morning! and I am sadly leaving Southport! 😦 I am being moved to historical Preston I am what they call follow up training a sister from France! yea crazy! I am sad excited nervous all those typical feelings I usually get before transfers. the sister I am going to be with has only been out for a transfer so I will finish her training the last transfer, didn’t expect that one but hey whatever the lords needs me to do I will do! we had our last Sunday in Southport and it was so sad I really have made the best of friends here even our investigators are progressing but if I take a look back on the last two transfers I am proud and can say I did everything I possibly could here and I am glad to leave it on a good note! Southport will always be one of my favourite areas!
I feel so blessed to be able to work with so many sisters that aren’t form America! i have really loved both of my American companions but i really love my foreigners 🙂
sister miller is ready to hit that next part of her mission i am excited for her, her new companion is sister cross, sister king(my trainer) also trainer her so you could say in missionary terms sister cross and i are sisters and sister cross is sister millers aunt! 🙂
this week the wrok has been great! we had so many lessons with our progressing investigators first we showed Rachel the chapel so she could be more familiar with it! she loved it and her boy who is one just loved all the toys in nursery! then the same Rachel and her partner joe and her son joe and her nephew all came to the festival of nativities with us we had a ride all arranged for them! it was amazing we went around the temple with them they were just in awe! joe said I felt like I was in heaven we told him that was the closest he could get to heaven on this life!
then we have an investigator named Jonathan and wooowee the first time we had a leson with him he made sister miler cry and and me leaving filling a bit vulnerable! but we decided to go back we got the perfect member to go with us and wow it was great sister hindey the member was getting emotional as we were teaching the plan of salvation we definitely could feel the sprit, Jonathan read from the book of Mormon to answer one of his questions he just “happened” to be on the right chapter in the book to read through it for himself! he then said later in the lesson I just want to know the truth! it was so amazing seeing our investigator on the temple ground and hearing them read form the bok of Mormon it really has taken 12 weeks to get this area like it is! heavenly father has blessed us soooo much! I feel so proud and sad to leave this area! the transfers with sister miller here will always be dear to my heart! always!
so this week i really feel like my desire to know more about jesus and be more like him has just really sky rocketed in preach my gospel there is a chapter just on Christ like attributes they are my favourite to just read through and then there is a little assessment that you can fill out seeing where you think you are with the Christ like attributes
there are two bible videos i want ya all to watch cuz they are great all focused on jesus Christ!
i love this last video my favourite part is when jesus is asking peter if he loves him! i just love at how emotional peter gets because he has so much love for jesus and he knows he loves him!
this may sound so cheezey but i really can say that i love him as well! i have come to know my savior so much while being out on my mission and if this was the only way that i could come to know him like i do now i would do it over and over again!
i am so grateful for this season and the celebration of something more than just material things i love all of you friends and family!  hope ya like these video like i do!
next email will be coming form preston! wooohooo!
love you!

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