Week 60 11/24/2014

well this week was great! we really had a successful week had lots of lessons with investigators that we couldn’t get a hold of for the longest time! it was nice being able to get back in touch with them! we had a couple members of the ward to come out with us and man I really do have a testimony that members are the key to do missionary work. when we have lessons with members there it brings the spirit even stronger and also gives them that familiar face when they come to church! I cant wait to help the missionaries in our home ward because they really do need help!
sometimes its kinda nerve racking ot ask member to come out because we know they are busy with their own lives but wow it makes the biggest of difference the hour that they take out to tach with us! I invite ya all to think about how you can help the missionaries in your home ward if ya have some!
we actually just went and got flu shots! wahoo the only flu shot I probabl will ever get in my life in England!  I took some pictures to document, sister miller really doesn’t like needles 🙂
we had president and sister dyches come and talk with us on Thursday! it was so amazing he is a member of the second quorum of the seventy look him up in the ensign he is such a loving mad and really presents himself in such a loving way! last year we had president taxier or however you spell him name that was really good but I got more out of president dyches because of the loving way he came across! love really does make a difference!
he spoke on the importance of members importance of our planning sessions not doubting all that good stuff! I really enjoyed it!
well I am excited for this week today we are going back to the nuns house to do family history! then we have lesson with our investigator! tomorrow we have distric meeting and have  a meal with members Wednesday will be full of finding and great activites then Thursday THANKSGIVING!!!!! I am excited for my second thanksgiving dinner in England I love the members and their efforts on loving us! I love love love southport ward!
on saturaday we will find out if any changes are going to be made for  transfers scary but exciting!
love you al and miss you like crazy have an amazing thanksgiving!P1050639 P1050648

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