Week 59 11/17/2014

CHERRI HO America!
what a great its been! we had interviews with president on Tuesday I have been waiting for the day since I saw it on our calendar! it was really nice he took me by the hands looked me dead in the eyes and was just like sister hunter I am proud of you heavenly father Is proud of you! everything will be okay!
not that things aren’t going well just the fact of stress that comes to missionaries about the future or about being the best we can and about our investigators and other things! I swear sister miller and I think we are going to be bald by the time we finish our missions! its fun in a way to see how I handle being under pressure and having stress well more stress than back home. Its preparing me for real life!
I loved all the letters thank you so much I don’t think you will ever understand how much emails mean until your out in the mission field on Monday monrning logging into the email account and see all the emails its just the best feeling ever!
this week we were busy as usual we had a zone meeting, interviews, and a exchange with other sisters we were traveling forever to exchange with the sisters. ya know when you get restless and just want to stand up and scream… haha well at least I hope you know what im talking about after being in a vehicle forever! ya that’s what I wanted to do. the sisters we were exchanging with live in chorley and for some reason it took us forever!!!!!!!
I think these English people are rubbing off on me they are known for complaining and that is true I heard these elderly English women saying the same thing on the bus the other day so those aren’t just my words! 🙂
but all is well because on the bus home this older woman gave me and sister miller some candy haha it is quite a humorous story actually I am just chuckling writing this I feel like a little kid!
we had a great week really! sister miller  and I are learning to love each other so much! she has taught me loads I actually had a dream last night that it was transfers and we were being transferred and I was so SAD!!! we have transfers in like two weeks so we still have awhile and hopefully they will keep us together for Christmas then all the family can meet her!!!
this week we have loads going on we will be blitzing Crosby where all the missionaries in the zone will be going to Crosby and finding for like 6 hours! I am excited to go back to my old are and find with sister miller it should be exciting!! and since I served there for 6 months I still know the area well so that is super helpful!
the work in the area is up and down right now! we are meeting with a potential investigator tonight and hopefully this time she is in! we are teaching the plan of salvation, we also has a great lesson with member family they are trying to prepare themselves for the temple but are having a hard time with scripture reading so what did we do! read from the scriptures as I was trying to pick out what scripture to read I went through the list of scriptures in the blue binder picked one out that said prayer and family and thought yup this will do! turns out that was the chapter they needed sister brown got emotional and felt the need to have the boys when they got home to read it! we followed up with the boy sat church to see what they got from it! we love this family!
we are still helping the nun with her family history seeing her next week and also next week we have all been invited to come to a members home for thanksgiving dinner mmmmhmhmhmh she asked for any special requested and I told her those marshmallow yams I will take a picture for sure of them!
things are good we are staying safe and healthy some how we are finding the effort in run on some mornings! 🙂 call us crazy!
I love and miss you all everyday of my life! and I am serious! stay healthy and safe!

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