Week 58 11/10/2014

hello hello!!!!
well to be completely honest this week has been hard! yup that’s right but its great because president has asked and given us a study packet that is all on the atonement! its great because no matter who we are or the situation we are going through the atonement will cover it all!
president has given us a lot of talks from apostles focusing on the atonement and woowee they are good the last one i read was form elder Holland he talks about how heavenly father withdrew himself in order for tP1050573 2he savior to finish his mission and complete the atonement and also to have Jesus Christ feel what its likP1050597e when we sin and when the spirit withdraws from us! in order for someone to help us and pick us up when we make mistake after mistake that person (or chirst) would have had to sunk lower than anyone else!
that talk really cleared up some questions for me i thought for a bit jesus feels everything we do because he ahs been through everything. i misunderstood that and thought literally anything like even breaking up with  a boyfriend but after reading that talk i understood it as because Jesus has sunk so low, lower than anyone will ever go he knows the feeling of despair and sorrow better than anyone else does so that is how he is able to pick us up!! sister miller and i had a great conversation on it!
sometimes it hits me like i am 21 years old having really in depth conversations about the most spiritual things when regular kids my age are out partying and drinking! i am so blessed to be serving a mission! i encourage anyone to serve even older couples who can serve!
this week i asked the senior couple that was coming to our flat to inspect it for a blessing and boy that helped so much! these past two transfers have been hard and stressful if it weren’t for the atonement and blessing and church the sacrament and also laughter and all of your support!  i don’t know how i would have made it!!
i love you all so much and i am doing fine just remember that! i will keep on keeping on! we have a busy week ahead but it will be fun we have interviews with president tomorrow so that will be nice! love you and have a great week!!!!!
ps the pictures i will send are on the English holiday guy fauke night look it up it you have time on Google! that wil be a tradition i bring home P1050608 P1050594 P1050613 P1050558

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