Week 56 10/27/2015

hello everyone! what a crazy week! we literally were hit by a hurricane! okay it wasn’t that bad just trying to make yall worried! it was a hurricane but we only got the tail end of it! but i was absolutely soaked through on Tuesday we had to go to a members house to dry our skirts and tights! 🙂 that was a sight for sore eyes! sister miller and i just lounging around stripped down in a members home! but that is why i love southport so much this ward is like my second family they take such good care of us!
my talk for stake conference was great i really enjoyed it! i had a picture of grandma Sybil up on the projector screen while i gave my talk! it was really comforting to have that up there with me! after conference the first councillor came up to me he knew me from serving in Crosby because that is where he lives and said sister hunter when we plan stake conference we just start with a huge blank whiteboard because we shared a message with president rigby and his family about family history he suggested me, president mccallister said sister hunter in all my time we have never had a full-time missionary speak in stake conference! 🙂 I absolutely loved the opportunity!! awe I feel so blessed to be given that opportunity!
it was such a great weekend having stake conference that probably was my ast stake conference as a missionary i just love these English people! on our way to Liverpool we got a ride with a member family which is one of my favourite families over here we all played this game in that car where we went down the alphabet each of us taking a letter and saying a food item that we would find in the store then we each have to recite all the previous letters before we can say the next letter and guess who won!!!! yup that’s right the son then was trying to take a knick out of Americans because he was a sorry loser haha! oh these English people i tell ya they are great!
this week we are busy working with the nun 🙂 less actives Halloween party yup we are excited!
 i am loving it here good times and bad! i really have come to learn that yes a lot of the work is really to help people fins the gospel but i feel that i am finding myself getting to know my strengths and weaknesses things that i can work on even more and i have such a great companion to help me with them! i love missions!
the thing that i have learned the most this last transfer is the importance of communication!! it is so key in whatever you do playing a sport marriage work all of it! where would we be without it!
 i love you all and misss you soooo much!

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