Week 55 10/20/2015

hello!!!! well we had a very busy week!
here are some miracles we are teaching a girl named Rachel she is amazing she has a little boy he is so cute! πŸ™‚ she was so accepting to the message we shared with her and invited us back for a second visit! she also said she wants her sister to meet us so we can teach her too! WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!
we also have been meeting with a les active family they came to church this sunday! super excited about that they invited us over for dinner this week they both don’t understand what is keeping them from church but are now taking that step to come back! we have another dinner appointment with them this week! i think we go on their good side! :0
also sister miller and i went tracting yesterday evening and the first door we knocked at was a NUN yup that’s right sister Margret to be exact she was so nice we were able to get a return appointment with her for Tuesday as well! teaching a nun! haha so after that we kept knocking a few more, this one man opened first hesitant like they all are we continued to talk with him to find out that he is atheist because his wife died a couple years ago they were a young couple as well you could tell he had a lot of bitterness built up towards god which is always sad to see! we talked to him about the plan of salvation and how their is life after death and right before we were about to leave i said i have to share one last thing with you and just bore my testimony to him as i started i just was filled with so much love for this man and just started crying! i told him i knew he would see his wife again and that i was sure of! his heart was softened for sure form the first second we knocked on his door to the second we left! it was a memorable experience i am sure one i will never forget! i hope he accepts the gospel here! and if not i look forward in teaching him in the spirit world! πŸ™‚
going back to Manchester was great i was able to see sister manning which was so much fun that girl is crazyyyy!
we got our transfer calls and sister miller and i will be staying together another transfer we are hoping we can be with each other for 3 transfers or in other words 4 months so we can stay with each other for Christmas!
its a weird feeling when i can look back a year ago and look at my emails i sent then! i am so grateful to be serving a mission awe its just scary thinking about if i hadn’t!
i love and miss you all so much! pray for Rachel πŸ™‚

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