Week 53 10/6/2014

hello hello familia and friends!
you alright??? as the great English people would say!
first off i  have to tell you all this crazy story. so sister miller and i were in the grocery store a couple days ago and this woman kept staring at us so we just kept on walking then she comes up to us and says i know you from somewhere both of us look at each other and we are like umm no i dont think so, then we walked off we were checking out and she comes to us again and is like i am positive i know you from somewhere both of us are like no we have never met you before and grab our stuff and walk out then right as we got out of the store she throws a can of beans at us i trip over the stupid can and she comes up to me and starts pulling my leg JUST LIKE IM PULLING ALL YOURS! HAHAHAHA!

we went to conference on friday and a member that i knew from crosby set me up with that joke and since then we have been telling it to everyone! haha we got a member so good the other day with it! it was hilarious i was laughing to hard to even finish it because of the facial expressions she had as we were telling her it so sister miller had to finish it for me! haha! i just love laughing and i am so grateful that sister miller and i have such similar senses of humor! it feels like my abs are getting harder from all the laughter that has been going on in our companionship! i really do believe laughter is the key to happiness and to keep us sane!

this week has just been amazing  we had some time on monday to do some finding when our appointment fell through so we went finding with the member thats came with us to the lesson so we started to the place where we were wanting to find and then bam we run into another member and she comes out finding with us too!!! so we have now assembled a finding team sister miller and i were going to take one side of the bridge and they would take the other,this member that we ran into wants to serve a mission but we have been having a hard time trying to get her out with us it was just perfect! so they took the right side and we took the left and the first man we talked to was a taxi driver family man just walking his dog we end up having an amazing lesson with him get a return appointment with him (which is tonight) he happens to have 3 kids all over the age of 8 😀 awwww we are excited cant wait! the thing about it that was the best was that morning we were role playing and i brought up the concern of already being baptized so sister miller had to resolve my concern we had to practice it a few times to really help her feel confident in responding! so as we were teaching karl the taxi man! he brings up that exact concern and i just so confidently turn to sister miller and have her respond and president it was perfect absolutely perfect how she responded we both have a strengthened testimony of role plays!

we have been working with members here getting to know them and we actually are helping this one member with her family history she has been a member for awhile but hasnt ever wanted to et her past family members baptized because she thinks they wouldnt want it we were able to tell her and help her understand that at least she can do the work for them, then they can decide! WE WILL BE GOING BACK ON WEDNESDAY TO HELP HER! i love family history it really is exciting! 🙂

its weird to think that we have been here more than a month now i was so nervous about coming into an area we knew nothing now i love it and could spend the rest of my mission here! .

general conference really was a blast on friday we went to the stake center where we watched the general womens meeting SOOOO good i love that the topic was about temples i love them so much! i especially love the preston one anytime i actually can go through and do a session is the best day ever! then after the womens conference we stayed at the stake center and watched the first session then had to go home then next day we went o a members to watch the second session that was my favorite session it would have been your saturday afternoon session all the talks were just spot on! i really loved elder oaks talk though. then after that session we went to another members home to have dinner and watch the sunday session just an amazing couple days it has been just strictly on the fact that we are able to watch conference!

we got home with about a half an hour left so we went out finding and we met this amazing christian couple we talked about the book of mormon with them gave them one and invited them to learn more they were strong in their faith they said but i know that book will bless their lives and their home more than any other book!

i love being a missionary and i really felt the power of all your prayers this week! please pray that karl and his family will be receptive to our message that we are going to share with them tonight! love you and miss you all so much!


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