Week 51 09/22/2014

hey hey from good ol southport! its so funny sister miller is still getting use to the phrases these english people say so instead of hi how are ya they say hi you alright? and she is like how do i answer that.! i remember when someone first asked me that i was like ya… i am fine what dont i look like i am fine! its the littel things in life! 🙂

i just absolutely love england the people the country the weird little sayings its crazy how much a place can grow on you this really does feel like my second home! england will always be a special place for me its where i have come to KNOW of my heavenly father, my savior jesus Christ and the holy ghost! but i have decided  out of all the areas that i have served in south port will definitely be the town i come back and visit when i am older!! this week was such a great stretching and learning week! when you first start your mission heavenly fatehr sure exposes you to everything but hey either way she and i both are learning lots and becoming better servants of the lord because of it!
we are getting to know southport even more still end up on wrong buses and wrong streets and doors but its all about what we are making of it!
sister miller is a trooper she is so fearless just amazing! its been nice to train for the second go around to see what i want to include what i dont where i can do better and what things i want to keep! i think the number one thing i have really been working on with sister miller is letting her take the lead in talking with people, she has that potential and although she may think i am throwing her under the bus i know she will get the hang of things better but i just have to give her that opportunity to spread her own little wings! i think that can apply to us outside of the mission as well trusting in others whether it be family members, friends, co workers. once we trust people that is where their real growth comes from. if you think of it spiritually heavenly father certainly is putting trust in us all trust to raise children trust in us running his church trust in us to live on this wonderful planet trust in us preach the gospel that one specifically he trusts 18-21 year old kids to go out and bring salvation unto many many people! yikes!!!
i know my parents have done a great job at showing their trust in me they raised me and taught me the right things trusting  me that i would make the right decisions they never once forced me and that is what i love about them the most!
its so interesting the topics i get into when writing i never come to the library with an idea in mind it all just comes out while im writing! lets all work on trusting more lets “doubt the bad and expect the best!”
love you all hope you have a great week i love reading the emails thank you soooo much!

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