Week 50 9/15/2014

well this week was also filled with a lot of stretching moments! leaving an area is a weird feeling becasue the second your in your new area ya just almost have this feeling of emptiness its not super bad but rea10689550_10203835859210825_9147346865047969309_nlly its the feeling of starting all over again! manchester was fun the ward was great made a lot of great friends but the more time i am here in south port hte more i know that my time was up there and i accomplished what i needed to!

but for south port HOLY MOLY!!! the first two days was hard but after we familiarized ourselves withthe town got our bus passes went to church i just have never loved an area more than i have this one, and as quickly as i have this one! so here is a great spiritual expereince i had as i was studying in the morning i was just filled with this overwhelming feeling of love for this town!  like i could spend the rest of my mission here and be absolutely fine with that! this town is full of beautiful buildings we have the sea our flat is amazing my companion is amazing she is such a trooper and is so ready 10620522_10203835860250851_2815838811127476686_nto learn! she brings such a fresh vibe with her! she is from north carolina 19 year old and has only ben a convert for A YEAR AND A HALF! she has such a stron testimony and love already for england this sister will make a difference! I told presdient that he was an inspired man because this is exactly what i needed at this point in my mission i needed to train i needed to whitewash and i needed to be here in southport. ya want to know why i know that already is becasue our new investigator is ridiculously amazing we found him street contacting on saturday we taught him the restoration on the spot gave him a book of mormon and the next morning he text us asking us questions about the book of mormon and joseph smith we were planing on meeting him on Wednesday but he was so eager we were like YES LETS MEET UP!  we read 1 nephi chapter 8 with him and he just soaked it up!   funnily enough we came to email this afternoon and guess who just appears the library to read the book of mormon! hahah ahh i am just on cloud nine this place is great i love it here and i love my companion! i do miss sister manning bunches but i wil10624990_10203835864730963_5835299169113043272_nl see her shortly!
i really love reading all your letters so thank you for the letters makes all the difference! i am doing great my health is great my hair is still frizzy 🙂 life is good ! proud to be a mormon and SISTER MISSIONARY!
love and miss you all
here are some pictures of last transfer sorry i have been bad at sending pictures so there are going to be a bunch for you all to look  at   10647040_10203835863850941_6731738087822870392_n 10431439_10203835864810965_1635789013512232353_n 10686671_10203835863170924_8983518502436053882_n 10392321_10203835862530908_8717099682239019560_n 10624594_10203835862090897_2298553677535246055_n 10304703_10203835858370804_5857896546970964925_n 10671306_10203835859250826_1245062732930614204_n 10710962_10203835858050796_9093393920596838061_n 10624767_10203835858770814_6788578423423434423_n 10392321_10203835858450806_183582287384686441_n 10670243_10203835858850816_1761129517263377385_n

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