Week 49 9/08/2014

hello! i am sorry that i didn’t get an email out last week!! it really is crunch time when we are here in the library! so this week has been an emotional roller coaster in a good way change is good!

so this last week was the last week of this transfer i cant believe it i really cant this transfer went by super duper fast and i had the best time ever! i have loved all my companions so much but sister manning and i really hit it off well this transfer we hit it off with our personalities missionary work teaching finding everything you name it i just love her! but the sad part it that we got our transfer calls and since both of us have been out for almost a year we knew since our license is only good for a year they couldnt keep us together unless they asked us to get an english license and guess what happened sister manning got a call they asked her to get an english license! we both were just freaking out we were for sure that we would be staying together! well NOT! i got a phone call from the assistants that night telling us what would be happening! so here it is! i am being released as a sister training leader and now i am whitewash training a new missionary in southport which is like literally 20 minutes north of my old area crosby! haaaaaaa ya i wasnt expecting that one i did have a feeling that i would train on my mission again but not this soon! southport is such a nice area too next to the beach heavenly father loves doing that for me giving em the beach while training new missionaries there are only 3 beach areas and i have fortunately hit 2 of them! i told ya mom and dad living on the beach is a good thing for me! i am nervous a bit whitewashing into an area sister king and i whitewashed burnley so here let me explain what whitewashing is so you are put into the area where both you are your companion have never served in so you really have no idea what the work is like there how the ward is how the travel system is goodness so thats where the little stress is coming from but we will pick it up fast sister king and i picked it up well in burnley!
we had mission leaderships council on Friday and ohhh president is an inspired man he taught about the importance of prayer and really how prayers can be answered we listened to elder scott’s talk called supernal power of prayer and oh my goodness it really answered a lot of my questions and stresses that i had about prayers that i thought were not being answered but sure enough they were! in the talk this part really stood out to me! okay so he lists way heavenly father answers our prayers its by our hearts and our minds and by a stupor of thought! so either we have a feeling come to us or a thought or we get nothing! president explained if you are getting nothing heavenly father is one of two things trusting you to make that choice or giving you time until he answers your prayer and once he does answer you its either a thought or a feeling! and wow its great there have been times that i have prayed my little heart of for things and have not received an answer until a month or two months later! its not that he isnt there or listening its that he wants us to learn something before he answers it!
so going back to the emotional week i found out that sister persicke my companion form germany went home due to health issues she lost loads of weight and something with her insides were not okay! its super sad to see her go just broke my heart since i was given the opportunity to train her into the mission my love for her is just crazy i really just want the best for her so i just hope that she is doing better and will figure out what is a matter with her! she is a sweet spirit and i know she will make the most of this situation! she isnt sure if she is coming back out but she said she will do lots of praying and fasting about it!
I am doing great and i really mean that i am healthy i am handling situations well making lots of friends meeting lots of people going out of my  comfort zone every stinken day! eating well the members over here are feeding us! i am super sad to leave manchester i have just grown to love this place so much but that seems to be the fad once you are settled with your ward and your companion ya always get moved! maybe i will pretend to never be settled in my next area i wouldnt mind just having one more area because when you have to say goodbye to the members its just the worst!!!
7 months left sister manning and i are freaking out it seems far but so close at the same time! by the time i am done training this new missionary i will have four months left! time is spinning out of control and i really have just come to love my mission so much it is so special to me. england and the people here just have a soft spot in my heart! i love the things that i have learned the growth tha ti have been able to see in others and in myself! missions are the best!!!!! thank you all for you emails and support i couldnt have done it without you. ya hear from missionaries that say well my family and friends havent emailed me in months and i am so glad that i have a huge loving support system back home you all have made my mission experience even better!
love you and miss you tonz!
over and out until next week!

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