Week 47 8/27/2014

hey hey hey! 

this week and last week has been great sorry for the late email we had another bank holiday over here. But on the bank holidays thats the only chance we get to go to the temple so i just love them sad that i dont get to write until tuesday or wednesday but grateful to go to the temple! I just love the temples soo much its my favorite place to be! we did initiatories and i just loved that so much i havent gone through initiatories since my first time in the temple and what beautiful blessings! i just want to go to the temple every day i love and cherish my time so much while im there! 
Sister manning and i are just getting along so well we really love being with each other and since we have been out as long we are on the same level of wanting to work hard and just going out there! to be honest this week has been full of appointments falling through but we have seen still lots of miracles. we went to go finding on this road that we feel inspired to go down but this road is huge and has lots of roads off of it that we are working with so we get to park road and we are trying to find a place to park and sister manning is like okay sister hunter pick the spot so i am looking and looking and then i get to south mede and decide this is the street so we pull over and i kid you not i point to this house and say its that one, so we make our way one house at a time until we get to that house and when we get there they have a sticker up that says no salesmen and no this and no that but we knock anyways because we really arent selling we are giving it away FOR FREENINTYNINE! and this old woman comes to the door and we start talking to her about family search and she warms up to us and we talk about her beautiful garden and she moans because it is soo much work for her and her husband  we just jump of that wagon and offer to help them, so we run home get our service clothes and come back and help them with their garden for a couple hours it was so spontaneous and just fun! i love when stuff happens like that we were able to show them a great side of missionary work and also being members of the church we are going to go back and help out! 
we then had a great chat with this man who at first was like ewwww no way religion no way and then we slid in the ancestry work and family search, we ended up having a 30 minute lesson with him on his doorstep all about family history work! his heart was softened so much he let me in just so i could use his bathroom! hey when ya gotta go ya gotta go!   
this week we had specialized training that had a lot of focus on member missionary work the assistants gave a great training we have so strong leaders out here i love this mission so much! but we also had personal interviews with president and he really helped me understand the importance of my relationship with heavenly father, he isnt going to sit me down at the end of my life and be like okay sister hunter looks like you only had this many baptisms and this many lessons he is going to sit me down and talk about how my relationship with heavenly was and this is something i really want to keep improving.  there are all these things in life that get thrown at us, we feel are more important or can distract us but i want to always have that in mind me relationship with god!!!!
love you all and miss you so much!!!! have a great week!

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