Week 9 12/2/2013


i cant believe it has almost been two months since i have left! and i cant believe thankgiving has already come and gone! We had a family from america feed us a traditional american thanksgiving! it was yummy turkey yams with the marshmellows yumm! veggies pumkin pie all that great stuff! to be honest it was a little hard having my first holiday away from home! But it was amazing at the same time! it still hits me sometimes, i cant believe i am in england right now and i definitely cant believe i am on a mission! its CRAZY! well this week the atonement has really helped me again! i have had a hard two weeks to be honest but i am able to stay happy and positive because of the atonement! he is helping and seriously carrying me everyday! i cannot do this without him, I JUST CANT! i think about hard times in my life that i have had and if i just had that faith i have right now to rely on him, how much easier it would be! he died for us he bled and suffered for us, it is a disgrace if we dont use that and ask for his help through the atonement! i know i write a lot about the atonement but that is one thing that has really been helping me more than anything else! i read a talk the other day cant remember what it was called one of the 12 apostles wrote it and the first thing it said was to the Young adults out there my greatest advice to you right now is to learn how to use the atonement! that is what i am doing right now! i love it! but we are never to old never to late to learn the importance of it! so my challenge to take sometime aside and learn about the atonement! there is a great section in preach my gospel and if you dont have a preach my gospel ask the bishop for one! it really is a great tool to help in learning the gospel! okay i gotta go and i love and miss you all o much! sorry for not capitalizing all the i’s 🙂 until next monday!

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