Week 8 11/27/2013

WOOOWWWWWWEEEEE!!!! I made it through my first transfer! or also know as (6 weeks)! the most challenging, awkward, uncomfortable, stretching, amazing, inspired, spiritual uplifting weeks in my entire life! I have learned lots it almost frightens me on how much i have learned in just this little amount of time! Sorry i was not able to email on monday since it was the end of the transfer we have our p-day on wednesday but now all my future p-days will be on monday! so i get to email in five days! wahoo! i love hearing all your plans for thanksgiving everyone is going off and doing their own things! its amazing to see how our family has grown!

at the beginning of this week we had a meeting called the first five weeks and thats where all the new missionaries that i came out here with all meet up again and we get to spend all day with each other learning and listening to our amazing president! it was great i really got close with two of  the elders that came out with me because they were in my district at the mtc! one from marsing idaho and the other from south london! that meeting was held in manchester! I LOVE THAT CITY! it was so fun i remember when i was sitting back home and would always google search manchester, i was actaully there it just hit me! when the meeting was over and it was time to head home we had to go through Piccadilly Square so beautiful at night all the christmas lights were up and they had this big market thing going on where there was a giant snowman all lit up!
then the next day we had one of the seventies come and talk to our entire zone about teaching the plan of salvation! it was elder and sister teixera! he is a powerful speaker! he really motivated us! after that conference me and sister king decided to up our weekly goals and the number of lessons  we teach! so far we have already passed our last weeks actual lessons, in just two days we have had a total of 9 lessons we still have 4 more days! 🙂 so proud!
we also had stake conference this weekend, we have had a really busy week and a half!
me and sister king whitewashed into burnley meaning we were the first sister missionaries to come into this area in the past 6 years! so we literally had to start from scratch! it has been hard and very challenging. but that has made me learn the importance of patience and also perseverance! it also has made me appreciate those small tender mercies that god give me and sister king! last night right before we about to go inside we met a man who name was stan [ catchy 🙂 ] anyways he has cancer all through out his body! we were able to have a really nice conversation with him and share an inspiring line from the conference ensign! i was able to say a prayer with him before we both parted our ways! the spirit was so strong i know he felt the spirit, with tears rolling out of his eyes we then said our good byes! (ohh good grief i cant stop rhyming! ) as missionaries we focus on  always getting new investagtors, but stan was different he wasnt just another investiagor to me he was that person who i know god set me here to just lift his spirt to share a bit of sunshine! i have no idea if i will ever see him again absolutely no idea but to see him with tears coming out of his eyes after the prayer i know i am here for a reason because of  the person i am and the personality i have! i really needed that uplifting experience because yesterday was very hard for me! i just had an off day sister king got to hear all about it she is so great she said sister! you are allowed to have an off day you have been out here working hard for 6 weeks its okay that you had an off day!
anyways time flies when i write i need to go but i am looking forward to reading how everyone’s thanksgiving went on monday! i love you all so much and think of every single one of you all the time! hope your staying nice and warm!

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