Week 6 11/11/2013

hello helllllo hellllo!

Well this week has been great, has been so hard but great at the same time. It amazes me at how hard things are but they are still so great! Missions are really hard to explain. I have never been so disappointed but yet I have never been so positive! It’s crazy what missions can do to ya!

This week I have learned the importance of patience! Ohh god has so much he wants to teach me!

So we received a referral from one of the members in our ward and we have been trying to see her and to teach her but things just weren’t ever happening. UNTIL YESTERDAY! So we were in a nelson a small town doing some service for a couple in our ward and we decided to swing by the referrals house since we were in the area! so we get to her door and knock like three times and finally she opens up and at this point I am pretty much  like hiyaaaa let us in! Of course I didn’t word it like that but she is never home or she never texts us back! so she lets us in first miracle, then we sit and talk with her for about 45 minutes and get to know her story she is 20 has two kids she was interested when she was younger as in 14 years old then had two kids and felt everyone looked at her and judged her fro having her kids without being married. so she stopped, welllll the timing is just right and she expressed to us that she wants to learn more because she cant remember much , she believes in god she believes in Jesus Christ and she also has distinguished that feeling we have when we go to church and know that YUP this is it! We set up another appointment with her and she is officially an investigator! My first one!!!!!!! There is a scripture I came across today Alma 26:9 and I just replaced zarahemla with Buhl and it seriously hit me pretty hard. me and sister king were talking about how amazing it is that if we decided to not serve missions how we would have never ever ever met these people that we met!

 I had my first exchange this week, so an exchange is when me and another sister from another area pretty much swap places, it was a 2 day exchange! And boy o boy how my entire perspective changed on my area my companion, my ward my idea on if me and sister king were working hard! I love Burnley so much! It really is the best! I remember when president Preston said to me your first area will always be your favourite and at the time I am like what are you talking about Burnley sucks!!!!! But now I love it and actually don’t ever want to leave 🙂 I don’t want any other companion either! She really is the best trainer she is obedient but not one of those robot sister missionaries who make up rule after rule! And YES me and sister king seriously are working hard! We try our hardest to spread the word any chance we get! One thing that was really hard for me was when we bus contact. literally this is how it goes, show the bus driver my pass and sit next to a complete stranger and in five minutes or less try to get to know them try to get to know there religious background try to tell them what I am doing and what latter day saints believe in and then try to set up an appointment with them if all goes well!!! It is so hard but is effective and has definitely gotten me over my fear with carrying on a conversation with a complete stranger!

I met an elder from Kimberly a couple days ago, he also changed my perspective on obedience and how there are elder out here who have personal phones and are renting movies and doing all that… it really amazed me, I like following the rules call me crazy!

 Had my first England chippy that’s what they call fish and chips! And chips over here or fries! they call our chips crisps, they also don’t have fry sauce, they spell baptize baptise ugh I already suck at spelling so why not mix it up on me England and get me more confused! They have car parks not parking lots they call trash rubbish, and when someone says hiiyaa you alright? They really aren’t asking and wondering if you are mentally and physically alright it’s just a nice way of saying hello, I got over here and I am thinking WHY ARE THEY ALL ASKING ME IF I AM OKAY! Yes I am fine don’t I look okay! they also have this drink that is called squash, which is a juice but you have to dilute it with water because it is straight up just the sugar syrup and flavouring me not know that pours a whole cup full! YUMMMMM what a good experience that was! Also they have biscuits they call them digestive biscuits they are pretty much like a graham cracker but are sooooo much better! They really don’t have English muffins surprisingly since they call them English muffins! Anyways I could go on and on about how different this country is in ways it is similar and ways it is completely opposite! I love you all and miss you so much, thank you for taking the time to write me I really appreciate it! Stay strong in the church and remember that this life we have here is just the beginning we need to live and use the atonement to its fullness! My appreciation for Jesus Christ has grown so much its amazing! I love him and am so grateful for the atonement! No matter what we have done no matter how far off we think we are! That atonement is there for us everyday every second! Love you all and challenge you all during Christmas to really focus your time and energy on the savoir and what he has done for us! Don’t get carried away in the worldly Christmas remember why we are celebrating Christmas in the first place!


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