Week 5 11/4/13

wow! i know i say this all the time but i absolutely love reading everyone’s emails! KEEP THEM COMING! every time i read them i feel like i have a little piece of home with me in this weird country! i am so proP1020620ud of my family i am so proud of my siblings Nicole you are amazing and i am so glad your able to start using your amazing skills with social work again and also subbing! Camille you are so great i loveat how strong you are and how great you are with addy i know it gets hard when cody has to work and your by yourself but i know addy loves you and will appreciate it so much when she gets a little bit older! Leslie dont you stress about money we met a family this week that was pretty tight with money but they decided that if they are following and obeying the commandments and doing everything they can spiritually things will be okay and they will work out! Clayton i look up to you for your hard work, determination and where you are now you really are an inspiration!  kimball, sean and cody you are all my brothers and are great examples to me on how i want my husband to be, you treat all my sisters so well and i want to thank you for that!

 i am in such a great mood after reading the emails! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

 okay so lots of questions were asked so i am sorry if i dont answer them all! money wise i am doing great my card that i set up at wells Fargo works over here so i can use that you can just deposit money into that account that i have set up at wells Fargo! but i really am doing fine with money they church gives us roughly 140 pounds a month. i am eating well breakfast lunch and dinner we usually have a dinner appointment every night with a member family. the ward here is so supportive on missionary work. we had testimony meeting on Sunday and this elderly man gets up says the other day i ran into this old friend of mine who is now less active. his wife just died so we talked about that invited him to so activities at the church. and so on! WELLL saturday night we were supposed to meet this man at the church for a lesson and he didnt show up big shocker there! anyways so we didnt know what to do so we went tracking (door knocking) second door we knock on is that SAME MAN WHO THE ELDERLY MAN FROM THE WARD TALKED TOO! we talked to him about his wife and pretty much had the same conversation with him got his telephone number and will probably go back! he was having such a hard time with his wives death he got quite emotional! we were so blessed P1020601that our prior appointment didnt go through and that we were guided by the spirit to meet that man! So after the member told his story i got right up there and shared the experience with the whole ward, and that just set the tone for the rest of the meeting member after member got up talking about their missionary experiences it was so uplifting! this ward is really like a family to me they are great!

 Sister King and I were invited to come to the  district leadership meeting!! 😀 i was so excited and honoured to attend i love being a leader! so out on the mission they have sister training leaders i have decided i will be one! they get to drive too! 🙂

 Sister king is great i can be my silly self around her. we have pretty good laughs with each other love it!

this week has gone by so fast and thats what they say days are long but the weeks just shoot by! cant believe i have already been out for a month although it has been the hardest month of my entire life it has been the most rewarding!

missionary work is hard NO DOUBT! i have just learned to be positive! i am serious like i seriously have had to learn to take a positive away from everything that happens out here and thats what i challenge everyone of you to do! no matter what the trial is or how hard it is there is always a positive! i know that by doing this it will lift your spirit and start changing how you view things! i miss you all so much and i could just go on and on about the things i have learned and experienced but i gotta go! love you and miss you like crazy keep the stories and pictures coming!!!!

Sorry for the grammar mistakes I just have so much to say and little time!


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