Week 46 8/18/2014 21st Birthday!

Hello!!! what a special birthday it has been i am so grateful that i get to spend this birthday in england serving the lord! also that my birthday is on a p-day so thats even better 🙂 thank you all for the birthday wishes and gifts and card! it really means a lot!

just real quick this week we had great success with out finding sister manning and i really just hit it off our personalities go so well! we met a woman from Scotland actually we met a man and woman from Scotland and the first thing he said to me is hunter well that is a Scottish name for sure and sure enough it is! i know that because i have been doing my family search and it is soo interesting!
I am really sorry this email is short! i spent most of the time reading the emails that you all sent me and watching the videos
i promise i am doing well and the work here is just exploading i love presdient and sister ulrich they really are liek my mom and dad out here not that anyone can take my real parents place but this morning the phone has been ringing of missionaries calling me to wish me a happy birthday sister Ulrich and president called and sang to me this morning and that really meant a lot! i locve you all so much
kay our investigator is just amazing we taught him the word of wisdom and he has no problem with it hasnt ever smoked drank or even likes the taste of coffee! life is good here in Manchester i feel so blessed to be able to spend this birthday here
love you all soo much!

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