Week 45 8/11/2014

hello everyone! i am supper sorry that this email is short sister manning and i have been talking and teaching this man from Italy! haha it was so spontaneous but it was really great we were able to talk to him about the temple that was being built in Rome and he just happens to live like 2 miles away from it then we shared this moron video with him on this man who lives in italy that is a member and he just enjoyed the video so much because he could relate to that man! the link to the video is

 I just love mormon.org and spend a lot of time on there but it pays off because when we meet people from all over we can show them  videos that can relate to them better!(cant wait for the ipads)

 we are playing volleyball today at the chapel so we also  invited him to that! oh and also since my mtc companion was from italy we were able to connect and chat about her! that is one place that i will go i have always wanted to go to italy. the more and more i am exposed to the Italian people the more i want to go there.

so this week has been super busy we were always on the run but it is fun! we had leaderships council on Tuesday and oh my oh my what a spiritual experience i love those meetings because you can just feel the spirit so strong! just cut it with a knife its so thick! any ways we have some changes to what we will be doing now as STL which is exciting. Instead of going on exchange with every sister in our care we have been asked to cut down to 2 exchanges a month instead of our usual of 12 a month so i am excited about that. president wants us to really focus on our areas and finding those lost sheep! since the rules have changed we have just seen so many miracle in our area! so kay the man i was talking about last week is now dated for baptism! we is just so amazing the most prepared man i have ever met! we taught him the plan of salvation and being a baptist he wanted to see where it talks about it in the bible and so we showed him the scriptures in 1 Corinthians and he was just blown away  he said  how come i have never even heard of this i thought i knew the bible! we taught him about the different glories he was like oh yaaa im going to the celestial kingdom he said actually i am pretty sure my house is already being painted up there!
i just love teaching! seeing complete strangers who know nothing about what we have to share and now personally  talking about the different kingdoms of glory and making  plans for when he gets there! sister manning and i are just loving our companionship we have seen miracle after miracle!
president Ulrich pretty much rebuked us in a loving way of course 🙂 to stretch our expectations and faith to not settle for the norm. so sister manning and i have really taken that to heart and stretch our faith, we have just been blown away at the outcome of it all!
i could just go on and on about the miracle and the experiences am having  but i do need to get going!   i am so grateful to be here and i love and miss you all so much! thank you for your letters and words of encouragement! it really does help!
love sister katherine hunter!

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