Week 44 8/4/2014

hello familia and friends!

well this has been one of the greatest weeks in the whole wide world! with sister manning now here in Manchester with me we have just seen so many miracles!
we had our trasnfers on wednesday and we were so busy that whole day with taking sisters to where they needed to go taking suitcases here and there! but also the night before transfers we had 2 different companionships come and stay the night because our flat is like 5 minutes away from the chapel where we do trasnfers! so that was crazy trying to make beds feed and make sure 8 girls are all right woowww crazy!
there was a sister from Ukraine who was actually leaving to go home stay with us in our flat and she really wanted me to highlight her hair so i gave that a shot and it actually turned out really nice! not to bad for my first time! 🙂 so forward a day after transfers sister manning and i we given the privilege to take sister king my trainer to the airport to see her off! it was the best and saddest experience to see her walk off into the distance after a long hard 18 months she had! she was such an inspiration to me such a hard worker i was sP1050059[1]o blessed to be trained by her!!
so like i said earlier we have seen so many miracle while being with each other for just a couple days we have gotten three new investigators and have developed a vision for our area! sister manning is so great she is so down to earth and we are on the same page with a lot of things i can tell this transfer will be full of miracles! so let me share one that was just amazing! every first Sunday in the month we have this thing called  a missionary fireside where you can go if you have an investigator or a recent convert! well we had already planned with a couple recent converts to go so we were taken care of! then yesterday evening we had some time to go finding so we went out to this area where i just remembers this man that we met said we could come back turns out he wasnt home but we met this most amazing man ever his name is kay he lived in Ghana when he was younger and is now living over here! he is the most prepared person i have ever met he was agreeing with everything we were teaching him when we were teaching about prophets he is like ya i believe that because heavenly fathers carries his work through out time he wouldnt give us prophets then and not noP1050045[1]w!!!! we taught him the restoration and had just the best lesson ever we were talking with him for about an hour! we then invited him to come to the fireside that night with us! and he ACTUALLY CAME! its just ridiculous he actually came! 🙂 “wo thee of little faith”    he had such a great experience and was able to see and meet many great members he said “i like this i really like this i want to come back and do you know what that means i want to be a member”! we are planning on meeting with him this saturday so prayer go out to kay please!
we have another great exciting week ahead of us with zone meeting and leadership council tomorrow! i am loving england and my mission so much! learning loads and seeing so many miracles! i love you all so much and hope you all have a great great week!

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