Week 43 7/28/2014


Last week of the transfer i cant really comprehend that this transfer is already over its crazy! sister taukei and i really loved each other and our transfer with each other! we really got along and just clicked so well! she taught me the fijian alphabet and i picked it up so fast i could teach you all when i get home!!! its actually really easy!
so this week we were on 3 exchanges one with an english sister another from the Philippines and the last was with one from sweden! All such great and optimistic sisters i learned so much from them and the choice we have to be happy!
OKay so transfer information I am staying here in Manchester and sister manning is coming to me! she grew up in idaho and then moved to alaska in high school! i finally have an american companion and she is from idaho! perfect i couldnt have asked for a better upcoming transfer!
We focused ouP1030963[1]r lessons this week with members on gratitude! d&c 78 19 is a great scripture i invite ya all to read that and then to focus a short amount of time on the things your grateful for and thank heavenly father. the more gratitude we show the more blessingsP1030973[1] he will give us its as simple as that! P1030967[1]
I have really loved this transfer it was a bit stressful and a bit exhausting but it was so fun i cant imagine going through it with anyone else but sister taukei! no worries we have already set up a time where i go and visit her in fiji! 🙂
thank you all for your letters and support! P1030869[1]
manchester has had amazing weather all week long not in the hundreds thats for sure, nothing but the sun!
love you all and miss you al so much! P1030895[1]P1030976[1]P1030872[1]

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