Week 42 7/21/2014

HOLA familia!

For some reason i just want to speak spanish so bad!
this week was great i was able to go on exchange with three different sisters one from cP1030922[1]ali florida and one from hong kong!!!! i have decided that hong kong is another great place that i want to go! man you mission just helps you make so many great connections!
this week was so much fun we had a sisters day with the new president and wife where we addressed concerns and worries we were able to have a huge pot luck just full of healthy things and then had a workout session afterwards which i took part in leading haha i took some of the work out exercises from insanity and lead the sisters with that mostly focusing on the lower part of the body and boy oh boy were we all feeling it! i could hardly walk down our stairs sister taukei and i would just groan when we tried sitting down!
i am sorry this message is short i felt that i wanted to write you all back and then just give you a little update after!
work is going well its the last week of the transfer crazy how the time flew by on this transfer i am sure it had lots to do with how busy we were! we are finding out our next transfer information this saturday!
so lets hope i stay in man south!
i love you all so much and cant wait to read your emails next week and update you all!  love you so much! byyyee

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