Week 41 7/14/2014

hello!!!!! what a busy week we have had! we had two zone meeting this week one on Tuesday and the other on friday it was Presidents first multi zone meeting so this was pretty much a meeting to have them introduce themselves and also give us some great training! the Ulrich’s are a great couple they are so spiritual! they showed us videos of their families and filled us in on things they loved doing before the mission, they also shows us pictures of  the people they worked with to help bring into the church!

the most effective way missionary work is done is when we are able to have a member refer us to a friend or teach someone that has a friend that is a mormon so my invitation already is just to think about yourselves and how well your doing on the member missionary work! and maybe ya might even know someone who you could talk with the missionaries about!  over here i have really tried to strengthen my relationship with the members by going up to them asking if we could come over and 9 times out of ten it works but i understand that some of the wards you are in are really big or maybe the missionaries in your wards are quiet but maybe you can try to go up to them ask them to come over for dinner or something along the lines of that! i just have so much love for this work and i hope i can share and excite you all for this great cause!!!
but any ways going back to this week we had some great exchanges i was able to go with a sister from germany no it wasnt sister persicke who i trained another sister she was so great i just love germans and this is what i think about germany it just makes efficient products whether it be cars, appliances, soccer players ;P you name it germans are doing something right! then i was able to go on exchange with a sister from canada who is came in a transfer after i did she is just sweet! and we were able to talk all about our horses 🙂 yeeeeeeehaaaaaawwww!
this week really has been busy we were able to help some sisters who have been struggling and that was quite rewarding i really love this calling and i love being a missionary!
Our mission is getting real excited for the ipads coming and also they are wanting us to be family history specialists so family it would be so great if you could send pictures of ancestors and stories so i can add them to my family history book my book it would really be appreciated!
this week we have been working with recent converts and i love it they are just so great and so willing to learn and just as important it is for the missionaries to teach them before the lessons they receive after they are taught are just as important so we are taking great time to teach them and to help and nurture them. it almost sounds as if they are babies but in the gospel for being just baptized they are. there isnt anything better than members that reach out to your recent converts so maybe you all could keep and eye out for the recent converts in the wards 🙂
we have another busy week ahead of us! thank you for your emails and the love that you share!
i love you all so much!
GO MORMONS!!!!!! 🙂

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