Week 40 7/7/2014


well this week has just been amazing! a huge highlight on my mission!
well to start off i went on exchange with the ysa sisters in Manchester and WOW talk about busy bodies its so exciting to see the youth and how its growing more and more in the church! and all i can say is that thP1030829[1]-2e Asian people are prepared (RAMIR THAT ONE IS FOR YOU)! I was able to work with two sisters that have previously been called to serve as STL so they were able to give me some great advice and help for the upcoming weeks! then right after that i went on exchange with a sister form austria and i honestly felt that she needed this exchange with because of some difficulties she was having! that day we went to the temple with our 12 year old investigator who is just amazing and when we go to the temple its always a special day whether your going inside or not you can just feel this peace!  so my challenge to all of you whether you can go inside or not go find the nearest temple and i promise when your in its presence your worries and troubles wont seem so bad once you have left! and if you dont have any worries or troubles then just go and you will feel even happier!!!! 🙂
I just love serving others this week i think i have found more of myself while serving these sisters with all my heart!
yesterday we were finding and we knocked on this womans door she was super friendly and invited us in to have some water! we were able to leave a message and a blessing in her home haha she had a chicken as a pet! and it was actually a cute chicken wasnt like the normal chickens  we see any ways so this morning i was having my personal study and i read these verses in the bible
He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his lifefor my sake shall find it.
And whosoever shall give to drink unto one of these little ones a cup of cold water only in the name of a disciple, verily I say unto you, he shall in no wise lose his reward.
well if that just doesn’t apply to me and my experiences that i have been having then i dont know what else will!
my testimony has just grown so much on the scriptures i love them and i take my whole quad with me wherever i go! i love marking and reading and writing my personal thoughts in them! they are so FUN! and i thought i would never say this but it has happened its happened to me i have caught the scripture bug!!! andi am proud of it! but to be honest i prayed so hard for this love tha i have fro them write now it wasnt something that just happened or something that i was blessed with just because i decided to serve its because i wanted to and i prayed about it! how amazing is that he will give us ouP1030839[1]r desires ofour hearts!
okay well also this week we had a leadership coucil and listen to how fun this is so sister king my trainer she also was there then sister taukei my companion right now trained a sister that came out with me sister manning who lived in raft river and sister manning also was there so we have this big generation going on at district leadership council it was just so fun seeing that seeing me and sister manning hit our half way mark then being able to experience our council with the sisters who trained us it just was special!
and here is a picture of sister ulrich and i she is soo cute!!!
i love you all and miss you!!

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