Week 4 10/28/2013

Okaayyy! Hello everyone as usual your letters are so good to read! I
am doing much better I am getting the hang of this mission a little
bit at a time. That homesickness isn’t as bad. I think of all of youP1020608 P1020602
every single day and I will never stop missing you! This week has been
hard in a different way so we had an appointment with rob at the
beginning of the week, we even had it arranged with some members to
come with us! we arrive at his apartment and his roommate opens up
saying that Rob has been ARRESTED!!!! Ya we still have no idea what he
did or anything… so there goes rob, then Karen just stopped meeting

with us, so pretty much all of our investigators just dropped of the
face of the earth! We spent a lot of time this week finding. It wasn’t
until yesterday night that we actually had great success with finding
people. After church we were heading to a members house for dinner and
stopped and talked to four different people on the street. They all
gave us there information so hopefully something miraculous will
happen with them! We are still getting use to the area and trying to
get to know the members.

Last night we had an appointment with a real MUSLIM he is from
Pakistan! His wife and sister in law made us real authentic Indian
food over here they refer to the Muslims as Asians. It was so yummy! I
cant remember what we ate and what it was called but, that didn’t
bother me it was good! The only bad thing was that he was pretty much
trying to convert us the entire time, saying if you really are
followers of Christ and are wanting to know the truth I can take you
to some men, that when you here them speak you will know they are of
god. I am like in my mind, um no thanks we already have men who I know
for a fact are of god when you listen to them speak. But thanks for
the food! ;) his name was something like Shazab but I just refer to
him as SHAZAM!  I love being on mission because I am being put in
spots and meeting these people who I would have never met if I didn’t
ever go on a mission! My testimony of the atonement has grown so much!
No matter where we are in life and no matter what we have done I know
heavenly father is there and will forgive us! I don’t think we can
fully understand how important it is to endure to the end! EVERYONE
ENDURE TO THE END!!! We are talking about our eternal lives here so
important! I am o grateful for being born into this gospel so mom and
dad thank you so much so staying active and raising us in the church!

I love and miss you all think of you every day!!

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