Week 38 6/23/2014

okay ALRIGHT!!! well after the storm has settled a little bit and right before it starts taking off again that’s whereP1030710[1] i am at! transfers is always crazy full of excitement, laughtP1030684[1]er, happiness, sadness, nervousness all of the above! This past group that went home was by far one of the biggest since i have been out on my mission. it was really hard saying goodbye to my close friends. Something about a mission just helps you have  a better and closer relationship to all the other missionaries. P1030672[1] P1030634[1] P1030676[1]

Here in manchester now and it is a lot different than crosby! I loved crosby so much but it was time to leave i could just feel it. i felt that my work there was finished and left with my head held high! That was one of my goals to leave an area better than i found it and that is absolutely what happened with crosby! i told sister toly to keep me updated on how our investigators are doing. Manchester is great the ward is much bigger and clearly the town is too! we have a car so driving the first couple days was weird but i think i got it down now.. sometimes i will start driving and just automatically drive on the right side and then freak out the swerve to the other side, those scary incidents are getting less and less so no reason to worry! 😉
Sister tauike and I get along so well! it feels so great to be with a companion that you just click with! I think it is pretty amazing it is that two people raised in two complete different parts of the world can come together and just click! she is so great she is form fiji has a great sense of humor she is probably the sweetest person ever but she does have a little firery side to her i have noticed that the Samoan and Tongan and Fijian race all have that spice to them but its a good spice.
this upcoming week will be president prestons last the new mission president form utah will becoming in on the 27th so in four days! i am excited to see what differences will be made in the mission! sister preston and president preston will be missed so much we have their farewell on the 25th and that will too be another sad day! its so great the relationships that i have made out here i have come to know and love so many great people! we have amazing missionaries here and my heart is just full of love for this mission!
I have started learning the importance of gods timing and placing in our lives. I think about the timing on when i was called to come here, it just all worked out so perfect to the day. being able to be blessed with two mission presidents. and i know that to be true for the rest of our lives too! i understand that my mission does come to an end but gods perfect timing never does. that is something we all can learn from that if we are doing what we need to spiritually we will have that confirmation that this is where he needs me right now at this time! Also i have just had so much appreciation for the priesthood and for worthy priesthood holders its so great to be surrounded by so many great young men, members in the wards and a mission president who are privileged to hold and to use their priesthood! PriesthooP1030674[1]d blessings have saved me on my missP1030714[1]ion so if you ever are feeling down lost or confused ask for one! and dont ever feel ashamed or think that your bothering the man whom you have asked because so many missionaries out here P1030615[1]always say its their privilege! As women it is our great responsibility to help those men who hold the priesthood to use, it to love it, and live by it!
waaaahoo the things i learn on a mission!!!
I am loving it so much!
i love you all so much and yes of course i still miss you soo much!
love sister katherine hunter!

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