Week 36 6/9/2014

We had such an amazing week! to start off we went on exchange with the south ribble sisters like i  said last week and sister manning is just great we are going to be great friends throughout our missions and after i just know it. she is really an uplifting sister to be around! Since i have been able to meet a lot of missionaries and see how different missionaries work my favorite are the humble and uplifting ones and she certainly is! we even talked about going to byu-i together after our missions haaa! so i have to tell this story while we were together we were going to go see this woman who is a less active her name is Valerie and she lives on 3 matthews close (the address is an important ) while we are getting close to where she lives we start down matthews road me not noticing it and start heading towards number 3, so we knock and ask if valerie lives there she goes no she lives next store number one is hers and me thinking i am so sure it said number three but ohh well and then i take another glance at this woman she looked so familiar and then it clicked i had spoken to this woman on the bus a couple weeks back we had  a great conversation and she told me all about her family and how her husband just passed away! i then exclaimed to her DO YOU REMEMBER ME!! it took us both a couple second to remember but we both eventually were on the same page we then had a 20 minute chat with her on her door step and by the end she was in tears, we helped her and gave her that hope that she would see her husband again! after we left we headed to number one to go and see valerie well to our surprise valerie did live there but it wasnt the valerie we were looking for it was a completely different not even a member of the church valerie!!!!! once i figured where the mistake occurred sister manning and i just started freaking out! we were guided to make that mistake to meet that older woman who i had talked to and it just so happened that the way we got into the conversation was first asking if valerie lived there! I love seeing those things while being out it shows me how the lords hand is in everything we do!

Okay another fun uplifting thing that happened was a couple weeks ago actually it probably was a month ago we were in the middle of our four hour consecrated finding day we had just finished tracting and were quite upset with not having many people even want to listen to us, then we went down this street where we met this woman named jane who actually was a less active she had gone less active and started attending a different church because ” she wasnt feeling that spiritual forgiveness” that she needed anyways after hearing all about the reason why she left, we left that conversation more confused and discouraged than when we started! it wasnt until last week when bishop said hey i got a phone call from this woman named jane do you remember meeting her both sister toly and i looked at each other and were like ohhhh yup the disappointing woman… bad to say but it was true… anyways i guess she had rang bishop just randomly and had a nice chat .. then two days later we get a phone call from president saying do you know a jane kelly? after having that conversation with president we knew something big was going and has been in the making for this woman so we go by her house a couple days ago and invite her to a fire side! we just went to that fireside last night that was so powerful and so spiritually uplifting by the end she had told us that she has been wanting to come back and has been feeling lost!! everything happens for a reason and i absolutely love heavenly father so much, the spirit plays such a huge role in our lives!
gotta end real quick
i love you all so much and miss you!
we are at the end of our transfer so on Saturday i will find out my next step! so excited!

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