Week 35 6/2/2014

I try to think of creative ways to start these letters off but then I just end up saying helllllloooo and duplicating all the letters in hello so there you all go!

This week just flew, sister toly and I had a great week together I love this time of the transfers because the level you are on with your companions! She is great and I definitely know we were put together for a reason! It is such a testimony builder that heavenly father really knows me! He knows me better than I know myself!

This week we had lots of dinner appointments with the members and that is always a blessing! Especially here in Crosby they are pretty good at feeding us but let’s just say I have learned to be a better cook since I have been here!

On Monday we had dinner at a Brazilian families home her name is sister patten and she is such a Latino woman so little but so fiery at the same time! aww she is great! we have really gotten to know each other well over the past 5 and half months. She probably is one of my favorite people here in crosby!

 So here is a story from our tracting experience haha things like this always happen to me but it loosens  the person we are talking to up and proves that we especially myself arent robots! so we are tracting in the nice sunshine in a cute area and we come to this womans house she is explaining to us that she really thinks England is so bad at being religious and said she really would love to have a bible study class because it isnt popular over here so we then go on to explain OUR CHURCH DOES THAT! why dont ya just come on by and then we started explaining sacrament meeting and the sacrament this is for word what i said ” and during sacrament meeting we get to partake of something so special which is called the sacrament where we partake of blood and water … i mean ughhh not blood we eat bread”  haha  sister toly just bust out laughing and so does the woman i had to finish talking to the woman because sister toly couldn’t contain herself! man o man!

the good times of missionary work! i have had so many experiences like that but hey it keeps everyone smiling so i am a-okay with them when it happens

this week we are going on exchange with sisters from south ribble i am staying in the area and sister manning a sister that came out with me from alaska/ idaho! i am excited!

We had a great experience on saturday nothing crazy or anything but it really was nice. We were talking with this woman at a bus stop she wasn’t havening the best day just got back from the doctors where she found out some health problems she has. We probably talked to her for about 10 minutes just a good friendly conversation talking about what we are doing over here and giving us a chance to inform her about missionary work and the church. We said our goodbyes and right before we stepped onto the bus she said thanks you so much it was really nice talking to you, i felt a lot of comfort from it.! right before that conversation with that woman we had a lesson with a referral who is actually a less active and had such a heart felt lesson with her where the spirit was really strong! its so amazing feeling it work through us onto other people. this week i actually have felt it quite strong! and its just the best calming feeling! i guess thats why i have such confidence that when things are rough and hard no matter the situation i know things will work out because htat calming feeling always comes back to me!

last night we had a conversation with this man at a different bus stop where he was just talking in circles and not making much sense of what he believed in and it seemed to me that he was really unorganized with his thought process of how the spirit works and how there are angles and evil spirits.. this situation is quite hard to explain exactly how it went down and exactly what i thought of it all but i can say this is that the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints is it. everything just makes sense there arent things that are hidden or confusing the simple doctrine the simple teachings of the church are the most important it doesnt matter how much you know or if you are a scholar at the deep doctrine if you have a testimony of the basic things like the book of Mormon prophets, the atonement, the plan of salvation those things then that is what matters. right now i am working on strengthening my testimony of the book of mormon i am reading in mosiah right now and i honestly can say that i really am loving it!

I challenge you all to strengthen your testimonies on the basic principles and teaching of this gospel and if your not a member learn about it!

I love being a member of this church I am proud!

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