Week 34 5/27/2014

another week has gone by so quickly! this week we traveled to burnley to stay the night there because we had one last mission activity before presdident preston leaves. the activity was in chorley which is so much closer to bP1030385urnley thatn crosby is to chorley! it was the best being able to go back to my first area and see the streets where i spent so much time walking see the flat where i had the most stretching and hardest times in and also to see the amazing members who i grew to love so much!

the highlight was seeing the leeds family they were the family that i spent christmas day with. so that night we got to burnley we all met back at the chapel to see each other. i just want  ya all to now that i love my mission! okay but in burnley it was a really hard time and the leeds family really stepped into to fill that hole that i felt. I love them!
anyways on to our activity it was a blast the weather was just the most perfect it couldnt have been better there was a talent show and a huge relay race at the end! it was put together really well props to the assistants.
this week the work was so great we were so busy going from one appointment to the next and guess what we saw DANNY again the one who reminds me of kimball! and he is so great we had a lesson with him at the chapel with a member from church and he was so interested! haha when we were explaining jesus christ sister toly said and theP1030380n he preformed the atonement and before she could explain what it was he chinmed in saying WHATS THAT!
we invited him to be baptized and he was like how in the world could someone say no to that! he is so great and has so much potential! cant wait to meet with him again!
we are heading on to the 3rd week cant believe we are already through this transfer! crazy!
on monday we went to the temple with a couple of members! it was just the best i love going to the preston temple! the grounds are so beautiful! hey i forgot to mention we went to the temple with our other investigator on friday, it was such an indescribable feeling!
i love being here in crosby and feel so blessed thank you all for your support and love you share with me it helps soo much! know that you are all in my prayers! love ya!!!!
-sistaa katherine hunter

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