Week 33 5/19/2014

Hello hello another great week here in Crosby with sister Toly! Can’t believe the time it is literally flying by! The weather was amazing the whole week which is a really big deal for England we both got sunburnt on Saturday during our four hour finding! But it’s okay because we got some aloe Vera so all is well here in Zion! 🙂

This week we had stake cP1030282onference to be honest it was really hard to hear and stay focused on the talks but while I was pondering during that time it came to my mind that yes it may be loud and yes maybe all you can hear is babies crying but how great is it thP1030321at we are all trying!  So I have a strong testimony of how we are all so imperfect but it is okay because he loves that we try to be better to, do better, and to keep growing. In the middle of all the commotion I was able to have one of my deepest concerns and worries answered! and that definitely strengthened my testimony on revelation no matter where we are if we are in tune with the teachings and we are living in a way were the holy ghost can touch us we can receive it anywhere at any time, even if it right in front of a screaming child who needs their nappy P1030286changed! 🙂

This week sister Toly and I met so many great people we have found a couple new investigators who we will be stopping by this week! One actually reminded me of Kimball, the way he talked and the way he dressed he reminded me so much I had to tell him! so hopefully we will be able to continue teaching him. As crazy as this may sounds the time we had teaching and talking with him made me feel closer to home because of how much he reminded me of Kimball! CRAZY!!!

Sister Toly and I were discussing on how we both have just been immersed in the work and how this is our life now we kind of forgot what it is like living back home. it is a strange feeling to explain but it excites me because that was something I struggled with at the beginning was adjusting toP1030308 this schedule and the strict rules but now this is who I am and this is what I do!

We have a mission bbq on Wednesday in Chorley and sister Toly and I arranged because Burnley is closer to Chorley than Crosby to stay the night back in Burnley since we both served there we are so excited to go back! It will be nice seeing the old flat and area again it’s been almost six months since I have seen Burnley and hopefully we will be able to see a couple members in our quick stay there!P1030325

 Here is a random fact! So president Hinckley served his mission in England and one of his areas was nelson well Nelson was a town that I worked and spent a lot of time in while serving in Burnley! How great is that! I walked the same streets that president Hinckley walked! 🙂

P1030329We are working hard and loving every moment of it! Hope all is well back in the states love you all! Have a great happy week!

-sister katherine hunter


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