Week 32 5/12/2014

Hello Hello! And happy late mother’s day! I had the best mother’s day ever! It was so great seeing all my family. You all mean so much to me thanks for being such great example to me! Especially you mom and dad! Sister toly and I have almost been together for a week! She is a fireball that is for sure. I have come to figure out the reason why I am needed here in Crosby another transfer, Crosby had always been a slower area older ward missionary work hasn’t been to hopping here but together sister toly and I are completely ready to shake Crosby and work our hardest here! It is really nice to be serving with an experienced sister. I feel that I have been so blessed with all my companions they all have been so great and exactly what I needed!

Sister Persicke got all sent off and she is doing great she is loving it in Shrewsbury she told me that there is a German family in the ward and they had a lesson with this man who was German! Aweee heavenly father is good and its such a testimony builder to see change and then wonder why but then being able to witness the reason why and it always ending up so perfect and making complete sense!

This week I have been trying to get the most of my personal studies that i can! We get such amazing time to study out here so I want to share with you what my personal study was today! It was so great! I read a talk from the November 2012 ensign here is the link


 So in this talk he tells of his experience he had as being able to go through one of the Hawaii temples with the contractor and the inspector before it was completely finished. He goes on to talk about how the inspector picked out two flaws from the temple and how he told the contractor he had to even replace an entire window, in a room where not too many people would even see, because a little piece of tile was crooked. Two weeks later he was able to go through the temple again once it was completely finished! He saw that the gritty wall was covered with wall paper and there was a hanging plant in front of the window piece at first he felt that the contractor just covered the flaws but then he looked a little bit deeper and moved the plant to find the tiny crooked tile was now perfect and straight! He then learned that it was always in the plan to have a hanging flower in front of that window and it was always the plan to have wall paper on that wall. I thought about relating that into our lives we can’t just cover things up we always need to make sure we are taking and addressing those problem right then and right their! the contractor was so willing showing no signs of frustration when the inspector went around hitting all these little odd end things that maybe no one would even notice! We have agency that is our greatest blessing. We make decisions everyday some decisions that we may think well no one will notice or no one will even care if I just do this one thing! But in the big realm of everything we are made up of millions and millions of tiny daily decisions that lead to big decisions.

I remember when i was in charge of intramurals at tvcc my boss told me that before any event if there was someone knew playing I had to make sure they signed this waver to make sure the school would not be sued if anything happened!  As the different sports and months went by I saw that there wasn’t anyone getting hurt and everyone complained about signing this waver because it was such a pain! Then that started swaying my idea on the whole thing and I got tired of always carrying around these wavers and pens just in case we had someone new to play. So I became lazy and decided well I didn’t need to do that anymore! Luckily for me it never ended up bad. There was this one incident though at the end of the intramural basketball season and this one girl decided to just be goofy while shooting the basketball and completely shattered her acl! Well me being the one in charge I first thought oh great I sure hope I have her waver so this doesn’t turn into a big law suit! And sense I first started off strong and having everyone sign it then becoming lazy I had misplaced her paper it took me about a couple days to find it. She didn’t want to sue the school or anything but that definitely was a lesson learned that even these small things(whether it be filling papers it for your job or recording that you have done your visiting/home teaching or not) add up to temporal and even spiritual consequences. I am still learning and I still slip up here and there but that’s the great thing about this gospel it’s a gospel of change and to become and its all because of Jesus Christ and his sacrifice he has made! It is up to us to repent and use that atonement! Every day is a new day! I am grateful for the lessons I have learned throughout my whole life and am so grateful for my wonderful parents and family to be guiding me and leading me through them all!

 I love you all so much and hope your week is amazing!

Until next week

Sister Hunter!


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