Week 31 5/6/2014

hello everyone! another great busy week here in Crosby! well we got our transfer phone calls and I will be staying in Crosby for another transfer. going on to my fourth transfer here! it really came to a surprise to sister persicke and I. We both we set on the idea of me leaving and her taking charge of the area. Guess heavenly father has a P1030233-2different plan. the past couple days I have been reflecting on my time here in Crosby and maybe some reasons why he needs me here for another transfer. I came to the conclusion that because Crosby is on of the harder areas he needs to experienced sister to pick it up and get it back on its feet! as much as I love my time training sister persicke my number one priority was to make sure she was okay! I am excited to see what this next transfer has in store for us! My new companion is sister tolly she is from Canada, I must have a thing for the Canadians! sister persicke will be transferring to Shrewsbury which is more south and to the eastern side of the mission, I am excited for her and how much she is going to grow in her next area! I am sad to see her go because we literally became the best of friends, she will be serving with an Austrian sister which will be so great for her since Germany and Austria are right next to each other.
so the past couple days my thoughts have really been focused on prayer and how important it is! A scripture popped out to me where i have no idea who is speaking but he is saying that we should always pray and pretty much when we don’t want to pray that is Satan trying to get in there and stop the communication between us and our heavenly father! if you think about it prayer and our testimony is something no one can touch or take away from us!!
I am super excited for mothers Day cant wait to see all my family!!! its crazy at how fast the time goes by! I hope you all have an amazing week! LOVE AND MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH!
here are some pictures from our p-day in Liverpool!

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