Week 30 4/28/2014

Hello hello hello! Well this week has been really busy and so amazing! Thanks for all your letters i love them soo much! Okay so we finally are moved into our new flat hallelujah it took us pretty much this entire week to clean move clean again and then o finally be settled in! The location of this flat is phenomenal it’s literally like a minute walk away from the chapel and right next to the library and other stores! It’s perfect! It is more modern as well and doesn’t smell like an old person’s home which a plus is always! 🙂 No offense to old people they rock! Haha anyways this week sister king came on exchange with me here in Crosby! It really was so great to be back with my trainer ever though it was just for a day i was able to talk to her about everything literally everything! With your trainers you just make this great bond with them. She was able to help me and my concerns that i had with training! She only has two transfers left of her mission then i will be motherless out here in England! ( motherless because they call your trainers your moms and your trainees your daughters- missionary lingo)  but she did say that in April she is coming to the states for general conference and i just got so excited because i will be back by then! It really is crazy at how fast the time just flys! Yesterday at church our investigator CAME!!!!!! Ohh it was so amazing we have been teaching her for 10 weeks and on the tenth week she finally came! sometimes we have to make that judgement if we need to drop the person because they aren’t progressing and so on but with Mary i just know she will be baptized, whether it be while I’m here in Crosby or after i have left i just have this feeling that she will be baptized!! Transfers are coming up this next week and i am excited and nervous at the same time to see what will happen. Both sister persicke and are guessing will be leaving and she will be staying here but i thought that about Burnley that i would be staying so ya just never can tell! sister persicke and i have talked about it and we are going to be really sad to leave each other we talk about how we just want to stay together for the rest of our missions and be fine with that but i have come to accept that that probably won’t happen. 🙂 I feel that she needs to stretch her wings. When i finally started stretching mine was the transfer right when i left sister king! She has reaP1030204lly just blossomed into a great missionary it is really rewarding to see her growth!!

okay so here is a missionary story so probably a transfer ago i talked to this girl about the gospel and she told me she had a friend who lived in America who was Mormon… and since i can’t keep track of all the people i talk to and their stories i get them all confused i.e.( met a man yesterday he said he knew me told me his story and it did not ring one bell in my head…. whatayalike that’s an English saying). So anyways with this girl so a couple weeks later i see this girl who looks like the one I talked to a while ago but i just wasn’t sure.. then forward even more weeks later i see her again and i just have this feeling that i need to talk to her then she got off the bus! so pretty much i have seen this one girl so many times but hadn’t talked to her since the very first time and i really didn’t know if this was even the same girl! until this week i saw her again and i just said hey are you the girl who has a Mormon friend who lives in the states and yup sure enough it was her!  We just had a great conversation after but i wasn’t able to invite her to learn more about the gospel. Since transfers are coming up i have this feeling that i will be leaving so i said okay the next time i see her i am inviting her to learn more!!! I was praying that i would see her another time before the end of this transfer and BOOOM yesterday i saw her again turned around and invited her to learn more she said…. uhhh im not really sure what to say so i gave her a restoration pamphlet! So what i learned…. that over the last four months this one girl has just really stood out to me and i felt that every time i saw her i needed to speak with. Her once i did noo she didn’t automatically want to be baptized but i felt that i was the one who needed to plant that seed.  Since i have been out i have been able to identify the spirit and how he works with me a little better! And this one girl i know will make it doesn’t know when but she will accept the gospel! i know we all have these experiences where the spirit is guiding us it’s up to us to act on those prompting no matter what the P1030178outcome may be just acting on hose promptings is an leap of faith! i read in my personal study about joseph smith asking heavenly father for permission to let martin Harris take pages home with him joseph received and answer simply of no the first and second time he asked but that wasn’t settling well with the two men and he then asked a third time and look what happened those pages were lost. It all works out because heavenly father knew this was going to happen that’s why he had Nephi write another book. i remember times in my life where i have asked heavenly father more than once after receiving an answer and even asking my mom and dad after they have told me no! So i committed myself to be better at acting on the promptings of the spirit and to just accept heavenly father’s guidance whatever it may be!

the spirit plays sucha  huge role in our lives hope we all can be more sensitive to those promptings! have a great week love you all soooo much!
love sister HUNTAAAA 🙂

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